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SEVENDUST to Commemorate 20th Anniversary of ‘Seasons’ with Special December Shows

20th Anniversary of "Seasons" By Sevendust

SEVENDUST is set to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their iconic album “Seasons” with special shows in December 2023. Fans can relive the magic of this milestone album at these unforgettable performances. Don’t miss the chance to rock out with SEVENDUST and celebrate “Seasons” in style!

Sevendust Announce Additional Concert Dates

SEVENDUST, the iconic alternative metal band, is gearing up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their fourth studio album, “Seasons,” in a big way. The band has announced four special shows at the end of December 2023 to honor this significant milestone. Let’s dive into the details and learn more about these exciting upcoming performances.

A Special Anniversary Celebration

“Seasons,” released in 2003, holds a special place in SEVENDUST’s discography and the hearts of their fans. To commemorate the album’s 20th anniversary, the band has planned a series of memorable shows that promise to be a treat for both longtime enthusiasts and newcomers to their music.

Show Dates and Locations

The anniversary shows are set to take place at the following venues:

  • December 28: Bloomington, IL @ The Castle Theatre
  • December 29: Bloomington, IL @ The Castle Theatre
  • December 30: Moline, IL @ The Rust Belt
  • December 31: Green Bay, WI @ Epic Event Center

These dates are your chance to witness SEVENDUST’s powerful live performance and relive the magic of “Seasons” in person.

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Remembering the Album

“Seasons” holds a unique significance in SEVENDUST’s history. It marked the band’s final album with TVT Records and was dedicated to the memory of two individuals who had a profound impact on their lives: Dave Williams, the original singer of DROWNING POOL, who tragically passed away due to cardiomyopathy in August 2002, and Reginald Witherspoon, the younger brother of SEVENDUST’s lead singer, Lajon Witherspoon, who was sadly murdered in November 2002.

A Brief Farewell and a Joyful Return

“Seasons” also temporarily marked the departure of guitarist Clint Lowery in 2004, but he rejoined the band in March 2008 and has been an integral part of SEVENDUST ever since. The album reflects a significant period of transition and evolution in the band’s journey.

SEVENDUST’s Impact and Future

SEVENDUST has had a profound impact on the music industry and continues to be a force in the world of alternative metal. Lajon Witherspoon, the band’s lead singer, has reflected on the band’s journey, acknowledging the respect they have garnered over the years.

In a recent interview, Witherspoon shared his perspective on the band’s recognition, saying, “I do feel like we’ve gotten our due. I feel like that definitely this band — I don’t even know how to say it. I feel like we’ve got incredible opportunities in just great situations that we’ve been in. But I feel like definitely there would’ve been definitely room for us to be in a different setting, if that makes sense.”

With a new record deal with Napalm Records and their latest album, “Truth Killer,” SEVENDUST is poised for a promising future. The band continues to create and perform music that resonates with their dedicated fanbase while attracting new listeners along the way.

Sevendust “Seasons” Celebration

SEVENDUST’s decision to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Seasons” with these special shows is a testament to the lasting impact of their music. Whether you’ve been a fan since their early days or are just discovering their powerful sound, these December performances promise to be a memorable experience. Stay tuned for ticket information, and get ready to join SEVENDUST in celebrating this iconic album’s enduring legacy.

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