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Jack Black and Teen Band Pay Musical Tribute to Tom Morello’s Mom’s 100th Birthday

Jack Black Performs Mr. Crowley At Mary Morello's 100th Birthday Bash

Jack Black and a talented teen band rocked the stage at Mary Morello’s 100th birthday celebration with an electrifying performance of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Mr. Crowley.” This heartwarming tribute showcased the power of music and honored the remarkable life of Tom Morello’s mother.

Jack Black plays with teen band

In a heartwarming celebration of a remarkable milestone, Tom Morello, the renowned guitarist of Rage Against the Machine, dedicated a special tribute to his mother, Mary, on her 100th birthday. Mary Morello, known for her civil rights activism and unwavering support for her son’s career, was honored with a musical extravaganza that featured a surprise performance by none other than Jack Black and a talented group of young musicians. Let’s delve into the delightful details of this unforgettable musical celebration.

Mary Morello’s Century of Impact

Mary Morello’s 100th birthday marked a significant moment not only for her family but for the world of activism and music. Throughout her life, Mary has been a dedicated civil rights activist and a vocal advocate against censorship. Her support for her son Tom Morello’s journey, which led him to become a Harvard-educated guitarist and a prominent figure in the music industry, has been unwavering.

A Musical Tribute from the Heart

To celebrate this extraordinary milestone, Tom Morello decided to pay tribute to his mother in a way that combined her love for music with her son’s musical prowess. On a special SiriusXM broadcast, Tom curated a playlist of Mary’s favorite songs, including tracks by Cypress Hill, Public Enemy, and Tina Turner. This heartfelt gesture was a beautiful acknowledgment of her enduring influence on his musical journey.

The Jack Black Surprise

The real magic happened when Jack Black, the acclaimed actor and frontman of Tenacious D, made a surprise appearance. Jack Black, known for his infectious energy and musical talent, joined forces with a group of talented young musicians, evoking the spirit of the classic film “School of Rock.” Together, they embarked on a musical journey by performing Ozzy Osbourne’s iconic song, “Mr. Crowley,” from the 1980 album “Blizzard of Ozz.”

The Young Band’s Performance

The youthful ensemble consisted of Tom Morello’s 12-year-old son, Roman, showcasing his skills on lead guitar. The incredibly talented Yoyoka, a young Japanese prodigy, took on the drums, while Roya Feiz held down the bass, and Hugo Weiss added his keyboard expertise to the mix.

A Memorable Performance

The performance of “Mr. Crowley” was a true showstopper. Jack Black, known for his charismatic stage presence, delivered a captivating rendition of the devilish heavy metal ballad. Morello’s son, Roman, seized the opportunity to shine with a mesmerizing guitar solo that left the audience in awe. The energy and talent displayed by this young band were nothing short of remarkable.

Reactions and Praise

The electrifying performance garnered praise from fellow musicians and fans alike. Rage Against the Machine’s drummer, Brad Wilk, enthusiastically commented on the performance, emphasizing the word “SHREDDING” to express his admiration. Chuck D, the legendary rapper from Public Enemy and a close friend of the Morello family, also commended the performance, highlighting the solo moments that showcased each budding rock star’s talent.

A Tribute to an Amazing Mom

As the performance came to a close, Jack Black took a moment to pay tribute to Mary Morello, acknowledging her as an “amazing mom” and celebrating her incredible life. The musical tribute was a fitting way to honor Mary’s centenary and her enduring impact on her son and the world of music.

The celebration of Mary Morello’s 100th birthday was a heartwarming testament to the power of music and the love between a mother and her son. It showcased the talents of young musicians and the enduring influence of a remarkable woman. Mary’s legacy, both as a civil rights activist and as a loving mother, continues to inspire generations. Watch the video below.

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