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Pearl Jam’s Vs. Album Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Pearl Jam Reissues Sophomore Album Vs.

Pearl Jam celebrates the 30th anniversary of their iconic album “Vs.” with an exciting reissue. Fans can expect various formats, including colorful vinyl, cassette, and a digital Atmos Spatial Audio Mix. Relive the timeless classics that defined a generation.

Pearl Jam Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Vs.

Pearl Jam enthusiasts have a significant reason to celebrate as the iconic band announces a grand reissue of their groundbreaking second album, “Vs.” The album, which played a pivotal role in the band’s journey and music history, is turning 30. To commemorate this remarkable milestone, Pearl Jam is releasing a series of exciting reissues that will undoubtedly make fans nostalgic and eager to relive the magic.

The Vs. Reissue Lineup

The reissue, scheduled for November 17th, 2024, promises to be a treat for Pearl Jam fans. Here’s a look at what you can expect from the various formats of the re-release:

2xLP Dreamsicle-Colored Vinyl and Clear Cassette

This edition will be available exclusively through the band’s Ten Club, offering a 2xLP set in the delightful Dreamsicle-colored vinyl, evoking a sense of nostalgia. Additionally, fans will have the chance to relive the glory of cassettes with a clear cassette version. The Dreamsicle-colored vinyl is sure to be a collector’s dream.

1xLP Clear Vinyl

This format will be available at Target stores and international retailers. A single LP pressed in clear vinyl offers a more streamlined listening experience for fans who prefer a more classic touch.

2xLP Black Vinyl

For those who love the classic black vinyl experience, this edition is available through various retailers, offering two LPs of “Vs.” in all its timeless glory.

Digital Atmos Spatial Audio Mix

As the world of music continues to evolve, Pearl Jam is embracing the future with a digital Atmos Spatial Audio Mix of “Vs.” This digital release will be available on Apple Music, providing fans with a modern listening experience that immerses them in the magic of the album.

Vs.: A Milestone in Music History

“Vs.” marked a significant moment in Pearl Jam’s journey, following the immense success of their debut album, “Ten,” in 1991. The album defied the sophomore slump and showcased the band’s versatility and raw energy. Tracks like “Daughter,” “Dissident,” “Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town,” and “Rearviewmirror” are unforgettable classics that have left an indelible mark on the world of rock and grunge.

One of the standout achievements for the band during this era was their performance on “Saturday Night Live.” Pearl Jam became one of the few acts in the show’s history to perform not two but three songs, a testament to their growing influence and artistic prowess. The period between the promotion of “Vs.” and the release of “Vitalogy” was an exciting time for the band and their fans.

Brendan O’Brien: The Perfect Collaborator

“Vs.” also signified a crucial collaboration for Pearl Jam as it marked their first album with producer Brendan O’Brien. This collaboration would prove to be a defining moment in the band’s journey as O’Brien continued to work closely with them for many years to come. His influence on the band’s sound and artistic direction cannot be overstated.

Track Listing

Here’s a glimpse of the track listing for “Vs.”:

  1. Go
  2. Animal
  3. Daughter
  4. Glorified G
  5. Dissident
  6. W.M.A.
  7. Blood
  8. Rearviewmirror
  9. Rats
  10. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
  11. Leash
  12. Indifference
  13. Indifference (Digital Release)
  14. Cready Stomp (Digital Release)
  15. Crazy Mary (Digital Release)

Side Splits

For those who love the classic vinyl experience, here’s a breakdown of the side splits:

1xLP Side Splits

Side A

  • Go
  • Animal
  • Daughter
  • Glorified G
  • Dissident
  • W.M.A.

Side B

  • Blood
  • Rearviewmirror
  • Rats
  • Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
  • Leash
  • Indifference

2xLP Side Splits

A Side

  • Go
  • Animal
  • Daughter

B Side

  • Glorified G
  • Dissident
  • W.M.A.

C Side

  • Blood
  • Rearviewmirror
  • Rats

D Side

  • Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
  • Leash
  • Indifference

Reliving the Magic

Pearl Jam’s “Vs.” is a masterpiece that has left an enduring impact on the world of music. The 30th-anniversary reissue promises to be a treasure trove for fans, whether they prefer the timeless charm of vinyl, the nostalgia of cassette tapes, or the modern flair of digital audio. It’s an opportunity to relive the magic of “Vs.” and celebrate the rich history of Pearl Jam. Stay tuned for the release and get ready to immerse yourself in the iconic sounds of this legendary album.

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