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Pearl Jam’s Matt Cameron Recalls a Cease-And-Desist Letter From KISS

As a teenager, Matt Cameron, known for his drumming prowess in Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, encountered an unexpected twist in his musical journey: a cease-and-desist letter from rock legends KISS. Cameron’s youthful tribute band inadvertently sparked legal action due to their name choice. Discover the intriguing tale of Cameron’s brush with KISS as a teen.

Matt Cameron KISS cover band received cease and desist letter

Matt Cameron’s Early Encounter with KISS

Matt Cameron, renowned as the drummer for both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, once found himself on the receiving end of a cease-and-desist letter from none other than the iconic rock band KISS. But the story begins long before his rise to fame, back when he was just a teenager immersed in the world of music.

A Teenage Tribute to Rock Icons

Before Cameron made his mark in the music world, he played drums in a KISS cover band during his teenage years. In a recent interview on The Howard Stern Show while promoting Pearl Jam’s latest album, Dark Matter, Cameron shared the tale of his youthful musical endeavors.

He reminisced, “I was in a neighborhood KISS cover band when I was 13 or 14… We played local high schools, keggers, whatnot.” Cameron’s connection to KISS took a memorable turn when, thanks to his father’s ties to the stagehand union in San Diego, he had the opportunity to attend a KISS soundcheck during their Alive! tour in 1975.

A Brush with Rock Royalty

Accompanied by his bandmates, Cameron seized the chance to meet Paul Stanley, one of KISS’s frontmen. Armed with a photo album chronicling their KISS cover band escapades, they approached Stanley with pride. Little did they know that this encounter would lead to an unexpected legal confrontation down the line.

Cameron explained, “So we brought our photo album from our stupid KISS cover band to meet Paul Stanley, and we got a photo with him. We were like, ‘Hey man, we’re in a KISS cover band, here’s our stupid little photo album.’”

A Legal Twist

Months after their meeting with Stanley, Cameron and his bandmates received a cease-and-desist letter from KISS’s management, Aucoin Management. Reflecting on the moment, Cameron revealed, “We were big KISS fans… And it was a cease-and-desist from KISS.”

The source of the legal action? Cameron admitted that their band’s name, simply “KISS,” was the root of the issue. “I think we just called [our] band KISS. We didn’t really think ahead there. So after that, we had ‘KISS’ and in parentheses: ‘Imitation’,” he confessed.

Matt Cameron received a cease and desist letter from KISS

Carrying On the Legacy

While Cameron’s teenage tribute band may have faced legal hurdles, his journey in music was far from over. Today, he continues to drum for Pearl Jam, one of the most iconic bands in rock history. The band’s latest album, Dark Matter, has been met with critical acclaim and marks another milestone in their illustrious career.

Dark Matter showcases Pearl Jam’s enduring appeal and their willingness to push musical boundaries. With their upcoming world tour, beginning on May 4 in Vancouver, fans can expect to experience the band’s electrifying performances and timeless hits live on stage.

In the world of rock and roll, Matt Cameron’s story serves as a testament to the passion and dedication that drives musicians to pursue their dreams, no matter the challenges they face along the way.

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