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Pearl Jam Shines with 2 Explosive Tracks from ‘Dark Matter’ on The Howard Stern Show”

Pearl Jam took center stage on The Howard Stern Show, debuting two dynamic tracks from their latest album, ‘Dark Matter.’ With candid conversations and exclusive performances, Pearl Jam shares insights into their creative process and musical journey. Dive into this exhilarating encounter between rock legends and radio royalty, only on The Howard Stern Show.

Pearl Jam debut appearance on Howard Stern

Pearl Jam Unveils ‘Dark Matter’ Tracks on ‘The Howard Stern Show’

Pearl Jam, the iconic rock band hailing from Seattle, made a groundbreaking appearance on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show. In a historic moment for fans, they debuted two electrifying tracks from their latest album, Dark Matter, during a captivating two-hour segment.

A Riveting Howard Stern Debut

Live from their Seattle headquarters, Pearl Jam set the airwaves ablaze with the pulsating energy of “Scared of Fear” and the raw punk essence of “Running” – two tracks that showcase the band’s continued evolution and musical prowess. Frontman Eddie Vedder, guitarist Mike McCready, and the rest of the band delivered an unforgettable performance, captivating listeners with their signature sound.

Pearl Jam Insights and Revelations

During their appearance, Pearl Jam not only treated fans to new music but also shared intimate stories and insights with host Howard Stern. Vedder’s poignant vocals and McCready’s electrifying guitar riffs transported listeners on a sonic journey, while Stern’s probing questions elicited candid responses, providing a rare glimpse into the band’s creative process.

“One thing we learned during the broadcast is that McCready owns a piece of land next to longtime friend Brandi Carlile about 30 minutes outside of Seattle,” shared Stern. McCready himself chimed in, saying, “We follow her as she has a machete and cuts down trails. She’ll throw some fish on the barbecue and we’ll have all the kids running through the forest. It’s very nature-oriented. We’ll have a big jam session at times. It’s very fun to get out of Seattle.”

Eddie Vedder Axe Throwing

Axe-Throwing Adventures

Vedder, known for his adventurous spirit, shared his love for axe-throwing during the broadcast. “In bars, they do that thing with the small hatchets. This is not a hatchet,” he explained enthusiastically. “It’s a bigger double-sided axe with two sharp sides. We wear catcher’s helmets backward to protect the back of our necks. It’s a drinking game. There’s something about the sound of it [that’s] really satisfying. It connects you to some inner Neanderthal or Cro-Mag, just enough.”

Musical Inspirations and Memories

When asked about the inspiration behind their new song “Waiting for Stevie,” Vedder shed light on its deeper meaning. “No, but in a way, it’s a song about being affected by music, and music changing your life, and maybe leading you to your tribe,” he shared thoughtfully. The conversation delved into the band’s formative years, with guitarist Stone Gossard reminiscing about the miraculous inception of “Alive” amidst the tragedy of Andrew Wood’s passing.

Humor and Reflection

Amidst the revelations, moments of humor peppered the discussion, with Gossard joking about the challenges of recording “Even Flow.” Reflecting on his early days in the studio, Vedder shared a candid anecdote about his eagerness during recording sessions. “My problem was, never having made a record before, I thought take two was unbelievable,” he admitted with a chuckle. “So when they were arguing about the tempo, I was just happy to be there.”

The Future of Pearl Jam

The Future of Pearl Jam

As the interview drew to a close, Stern floated the idea of a documentary chronicling Pearl Jam’s songwriting process, sparking enthusiastic responses from the band. However, Gossard expressed reservations, highlighting the importance of preserving the band’s creative integrity.

Stern also seemed convinced that the new song “Wreckage” was a commentary on Donald Trump, but Vedder set him straight with a chuckle: “I don’t know if I’d attach that to the ex-president, but I guess it is about a difficult relationship.”

In the wake of their Stern Show appearance, Pearl Jam prepares for their highly anticipated 2024 world tour, set to kick off on May 4. As they embark on this new chapter, fans eagerly await the opportunity to witness the enduring magic of Pearl Jam live in concert.

Pearl Jam’s latest album, Dark Matter, is now available on all major streaming platforms. Experience the raw energy and lyrical brilliance of this iconic band as they continue to push the boundaries of rock ‘n’ roll.

Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Dates:

  • 05/04 – Vancouver, BC @ Rogers Arena * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/06 – Vancouver, BC @ Rogers Arena * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/10 – Portland, OR @ Moda Center * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/13 – Sacramento, CA @ Golden 1 Center * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/16 – Las Vegas, NV @ MGM Grand Garden Arena * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/18 – Las Vegas, NV @ MGM Grand Garden Arena * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/21 – Los Angeles, CA @ Kia Forum * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/22 – Los Angeles, CA @ Kia Forum * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/25 – Napa Valley, CA @ BottleRock Napa
  • 05/28 – Seattle, WA @ Climate Pledge Arena * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/30 – Seattle, WA @ Climate Pledge Arena * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 06/22 – Dublin, IE @ Marlay Park $ (with Richard Ashcroft)
  • 06/25 – Manchester, UK @ Manchester Co-Op Arena # (with The Murder Capital)
  • 06/29 – London, UK @ Tottenham Hotspur Stadium $ (with Richard Ashcroft)
  • 07/02 – Berlin, DE @ Waldbühne # (with The Murder Capital)
  • 07/03 – Berlin, DE @ Waldbühne # (with The Murder Capital)
  • 07/06 – Barcelona, ES @ Palau Sant Jordi # (with The Murder Capital)
  • 07/08 – Barcelona, ES @ Palau Sant Jordi # (with The Murder Capital)
  • 07/11 – Madrid, ES @ Mad Cool Festival
  • 07/13 – Lisbon, PT @ NOS Alive Festival
  • 08/22 – Missoula, MT @ Washington-Grizzly Stadium % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 08/26 – Indianapolis, IN @ Ruoff Music Center % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 08/29 – Chicago, IL @ Wrigley Field % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 08/31 – Chicago, IL @ Wrigley Field % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 09/03 – New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 09/04 – New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 09/07 – Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 09/09 – Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 09/12 – Baltimore, MD @ CFG Bank Arena % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 09/15 – Boston, MA @ Fenway Park % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 09/17 – Boston, MA @ Fenway Park % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 11/08 – Auckland, NZ @ Go Media Stadium Mt Smart ! (with Pixies)
  • 11/13 – Gold Coast, AU @ Heritage Bank Stadium ! (with Pixies)
  • 11/16 – Melbourne, AU @ Marvel Stadium ! (with Pixies)
  • 11/21 – Sydney, AU @ Giants Stadium ! (with Pixies)

(* = w/ Deep Sea Diver, $ = w/ Richard Ashcroft, # = w/ The Murder Capital, % = w/ Glen Hansard, ! = w/ Pixies)

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