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Pearl Jam Release Running, The 2nd Single From Dark Matter

Pearl Jam releases their latest single “Running.” This scorching track, a preview of their upcoming album “Dark Matter,” showcases the band’s raw energy and musical evolution. With relentless drums, furious guitars, and Eddie Vedder’s unmistakable vocals, “Running” reaffirms Pearl Jam’s status as rock icons. Get ready to embark on a sonic journey with this electrifying new release.

Pearl Jam release new single Dark Matter

Pearl Jam Releases New Single “Running”

Pearl Jam, the legendary Seattle rock band, has once again ignited the music scene with the release of their electrifying new single, “Running.” This scorching track serves as the second offering from their highly anticipated twelfth studio album, “Dark Matter,” scheduled to hit the airwaves on April 19th via Monkeywrench / Republic Records. As fans eagerly anticipate the album’s release, “Running” provides a thrilling glimpse into Pearl Jam’s evolving sound and enduring creative spirit.

Exploring the Sonic Landscape of “Running”

“Running” emerges as a sonic thrill ride, propelled by relentless drums, furious guitars, and Eddie Vedder’s unmistakable vocals. The song’s fast-paced, punk-infused energy captivates listeners from the opening riff, showcasing Pearl Jam’s signature intensity and raw emotion. Guitarist Stone Gossard reflects on the creative process behind “Running,” highlighting the collaborative effort that shaped the track: “Jeff [Ament] had the main parts for that one, and we worked it over as a band. I love the bridge. I don’t know what the hell those chords are that Mike’s [McCready] playing, but it sounds original.”

Produced by multi-Grammy Award-winning producer Andrew Watt, known for his innovative work across genres, “Running” captures the band’s musical evolution while staying true to their rock roots. McCready praises Vedder’s vocal prowess on the track, noting his “vocal dexterity” and the stunning performance he delivers. As “Running” blazes through the speakers, it reaffirms Pearl Jam’s status as one of rock’s most formidable forces, pushing boundaries and inspiring generations of fans.

Dark Matter Tracklist

  1. Scared of Fear
  2. React, Respond
  3. Wreckage
  4. Dark Matter
  5. Won’t Tell
  6. Upper Hand
  7. Waiting for Stevie
  8. Running
  9. Something Special
  10. Got To Give
  11. Setting Sun
Pearl Jam to release Dark Matter in the Dark at theaters on April 16

“Dark Matter in the Dark”

To celebrate the release of “Dark Matter,” Pearl Jam invites fans to embark on a cinematic journey with “Dark Matter in the Dark.” This exclusive one-night-only event will take place on April 16th in over 225 theaters across the US and 300 locations worldwide. Audiences will experience the album in a unique setting, with the first playback occurring in a dark cinema, solely focused on the music, followed by a second playback featuring immersive visuals synchronized with the music. The audio will be presented in Dolby Atmos, promising an unforgettable sonic and visual spectacle for fans.

Limited Edition Vinyl and Indie Store Support

In addition to the digital release, Pearl Jam continues to champion independent record stores with the release of “Dark Matter” in various limited edition vinyl formats. Fans can expect exclusive galactic color variants available exclusively at select indie retail stores. The album’s packaging features captivating light painting art by Alexandr Gnezdilov, adding an extra layer of visual allure to the physical release. With each vinyl pressing, Pearl Jam invites fans to immerse themselves in the tactile experience of music, preserving the tradition of vinyl in the digital age.

The Dark Matter World Tour

Pearl Jam’s “Dark Matter World Tour” promises to be a monumental journey for fans worldwide. The tour kicks off in North America, featuring stops at iconic venues such as Wrigley Field, Madison Square Garden, and Fenway Park, along with their first hometown performance in six years at Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena. European fans can catch the band at prestigious festivals like Mad Cool Festival in Madrid and NOS Alive in Lisbon.

As guitarist Mike McCready reflects on the band’s direction and collaborative process, he emphasizes the importance of embracing new ideas and pushing creative boundaries. Pearl Jam’s enduring commitment to authenticity and innovation ensures that each album and tour is a dynamic exploration of their musical legacy.

A Sonic Adventure with Pearl Jam

In a tumultuous world, Pearl Jam’s music continues to resonate, offering a beacon of hope and unity for fans across the globe. With “Running” as a powerful preview of what’s to come, anticipation for “Dark Matter” and the accompanying world tour reaches a fever pitch. Get ready to embark on a sonic adventure with Pearl Jam, where every note is a testament to their enduring passion and musical excellence. As the countdown to April 19th begins, fans eagerly await the arrival of “Dark Matter,” poised to redefine the boundaries of rock and reignite the spirit of rebellion. Pearl Jam invites you to join them on this exhilarating journey, as they unleash their dynamic new single and set the stage for a thrilling new chapter in their storied career.

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