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Pearl Jam Releasing New Single on March 22

Pearl Jam is set to captivate fans with the release of their latest track on March 22. As anticipation mounts for their upcoming album, “Dark Matter,” the Seattle rock icons offer a tantalizing preview of their musical evolution. Stay tuned as Pearl Jam continues to redefine the boundaries of rock music with their electrifying new single.

New Pearl Jam single to be released on March 22

Pearl Jam’s Highly Anticipated Single Release

Pearl Jam, the iconic Seattle rock band, is building anticipation for their upcoming album, “Dark Matter.” After releasing the Dark Matter Observer earlier in the week, allowing fans to explore the cosmos for traces of Dark Matter accompanied by snippets of new tracks, the band dropped an electrifying announcement: “The next track from Dark Matter arrives at midnight.”

This revelation has sent shockwaves through the music community, with fans eagerly awaiting the release of the new single. Set to debut on March 22, this single is poised to offer a tantalizing glimpse into the sonic landscape of Pearl Jam’s latest musical endeavor.

Pearl Jam’s Musical Evolution: “Dark Matter”

“Dark Matter” represents Pearl Jam’s 12th studio album, a testament to their enduring creativity and musical prowess. Recorded at Rick Rubin’s famed Shangri-La Studios and conceptualized at Andrew Watt’s Beverly Hills studio, the album has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Producer Andrew Watt, known for his Grammy-winning work, has played a pivotal role in capturing the raw energy and authenticity that define Pearl Jam’s sound.

Already, Pearl Jam’s latest single, also titled “Dark Matter,” has soared to the top of Billboard’s Rock & Alternative Airplay chart upon its release, affirming the band’s continued relevance and impact in the music industry. With each new release, Pearl Jam reaffirms their status as rock legends, captivating audiences with their unparalleled artistry.

Dark Matter Tracklist

  1. Scared of Fear
  2. React, Respond
  3. Wreckage
  4. Dark Matter
  5. Won’t Tell
  6. Upper Hand
  7. Waiting for Stevie
  8. Running
  9. Something Special
  10. Got To Give
  11. Setting Sun
Pearl Jam New Album Update

The Countdown to “Dark Matter” and Beyond

As the release date for “Dark Matter” draws near, excitement continues to mount among Pearl Jam enthusiasts worldwide. The band’s theatrical event scheduled for April 16 promises to offer fans a unique listening experience, providing a deeper insight into the sonic journey encapsulated within the album. With pre-orders available through Ten Club fan organizations and indie retailers, anticipation for “Dark Matter” has reached fever pitch.

Looking ahead, Pearl Jam’s 2024 touring plans loom on the horizon, promising electrifying performances and further opportunities for fans to immerse themselves in the band’s musical universe. As they embark on this next chapter of their storied career, Pearl Jam remains a beacon of authenticity and innovation, steadfastly pushing the boundaries of rock music while staying true to their roots. Stay tuned as Pearl Jam continues to redefine the landscape of modern rock with “Dark Matter” and beyond.

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