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Jennifer Lopez to Release First Solo Album In Nine Years

JLo To Release New Album: This Is Me

Jennifer Lopez is making a triumphant return to the music scene with her first solo album in nine years. This highly-anticipated release is set to showcase her extraordinary talents and captivate fans worldwide. Stay tuned for the exciting musical journey ahead with Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming album.

Jennifer Lopez set to release first album in 9 years - This Is Me

In an exclusive announcement today, Jennifer Lopez, often referred to as J.Lo, has signed a new recording and publishing partnership with BMG. This exciting partnership marks the return of the multi-talented singer and actress to the music scene after nine years, as she gears up to release her highly-anticipated ninth studio album, titled “This Is Me…Now.” With 13 tracks to offer, this album is set to be a triumphant comeback for the global superstar.

The Long-Awaited Solo Return

Jennifer Lopez’s last solo studio album, “A.K.A.,” was released back in 2014 under Capitol Records and was produced by RedOne. It made a significant impact on the charts, peaking at No. 8 on the prestigious Billboard 200 chart. However, fans have eagerly awaited new music from the artist, who has kept busy with various projects, including her film endeavors.

In 2022, Jennifer Lopez teamed up with Latin sensation Maluma to release the soundtrack for their movie, “Marry Me,” which was released under Universal Studios/Sony Music US Latin. This soundtrack gave fans a taste of her musical prowess once again and built anticipation for her solo return.

BMG’s Thrilled Partnership

BMG, the global music company, expressed its enthusiasm for collaborating with Jennifer Lopez on this groundbreaking project. Thomas Coesfeld, BMG’s CEO, praised Lopez as a “global superstar artist, entertainer… a phenomenon.” This partnership is a significant milestone for both parties, as they embark on a creative journey together.

A Musical Journey

Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming album, “This Is Me…Now,” is a testament to her enduring passion for music and her incredible talent. The album was produced by J.Lo herself, along with a team of renowned producers, including Rogét Chahayed, Angel Lopez, and Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman. The creative process unfolded in 2022 and 2023 at Lopez’s home studio in Los Angeles.

The album boasts a lineup of accomplished songwriter-producers, such as Hitboy, Ink, Tay Keith, Yeti Beats, Carter Lang, and Kim “Kaydence” Krysiuk. BMG’s Brandon Riester served as the album’s A&R, ensuring that the project lived up to its immense potential.

Track Listing for “This Is Me…Now”

Jennifer Lopez’s “This Is Me…Now” promises a diverse and dynamic musical experience for her fans. Here’s the track listing:

  • This Is Me…Now
  • To Be Yours
  • Mad in Love
  • Can’t Get Enough
  • Rebound
  • not.going.anywhere.
  • Dear Ben, Pt. II
  • Hummingbird
  • Hearts and Flowers
  • Broken Like Me
  • This Time Around
  • Midnight Trip to Vegas
  • Greatest Love Story Never Told

Each track on the album is poised to showcase Jennifer Lopez’s extraordinary talents and her unique ability to capture a wide range of emotions and experiences through her music.

In conclusion, Jennifer Lopez’s return to the music scene with “This Is Me…Now” is an event that has been long-awaited by her fans worldwide. BMG’s partnership with the global superstar is a testament to her enduring appeal and the anticipation surrounding this album’s release. With an impressive tracklist and a team of talented collaborators, “This Is Me…Now” is set to be a remarkable addition to Jennifer Lopez’s illustrious career in music. Stay tuned for the release date and get ready to immerse yourself in the musical journey of J.Lo once again.

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