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Ruston Kelly and Tour Crew’s Miraculous Escape from ‘Insane’ Bus Fire

Ruston Kelly's Tour Bus Catches Fire

In a heart-stopping incident, Ruston Kelly’s tour bus burst into flames while on the highway. Thankfully, everyone emerged unharmed from the fiery ordeal. The singer shared the dramatic video on Instagram, highlighting the miraculous escape. Ruston Kelly, known for his soulful music, continues his tour, now with a fiery tale to tell.

Ruston Kelly Tour Bus Fire

In a heart-pounding incident that unfolded on a Sunday morning (Sept. 10), Ruston Kelly and his touring band and crew found themselves in a harrowing situation as their tour bus caught fire while cruising down the highway. Thankfully, everyone involved emerged unscathed from the terrifying ordeal, and Ruston Kelly took to Instagram to share the shocking video and update his concerned fans.

The Fiery Highway Drama

Ruston Kelly, acclaimed singer-songwriter and known for his soul-baring lyrics, posted a jaw-dropping video on Instagram. The footage showed his tour bus engulfed in flames as it rolled down the highway, creating a scene straight out of an action movie. Alongside the intense video, Kelly shared his thoughts, saying, “We’re all safe thanks for all the kind messages but HOLY F–K that was insane.”

He continued to describe the frantic situation, revealing, “Bus caught fire this morning, and it was crisis drill mode to get off in time.” The urgency and fear of the moment were palpable as the crew worked swiftly to evacuate the bus and ensure their safety.

The Soundtrack to the Chaos

In a rather eerie twist of fate, the video was accompanied by the haunting melody of Kelly’s own song, “Hellfire.” This track is featured on his 2023 album, “The Weakness.” The combination of the blazing inferno and the somber music created a surreal backdrop to this unforgettable incident.

A Photographer’s Perspective

The gripping footage was captured by none other than Kelly’s tour drummer, John Chung, who also happens to be a talented photographer. In a light-hearted comment, Kelly humorously remarked that Chung had recorded the dramatic events “for some reason,” ensuring that the memory of this harrowing experience would stay with them forever.

A Fortunate Outcome

Despite the chaotic circumstances, the “crisis drill mode” proved to be effective, as all the passengers aboard the bus managed to evacuate safely. They carried with them most of their belongings and were able to salvage essential tour gear. This stroke of luck allowed Ruston Kelly’s ongoing tour, which began in April, to continue without major disruptions. The tour is set to conclude later this month.

“Luckily we all got most of our belongings. Gear in the trailer is fine, and a new bus is on the way so we can finish this tour totally transformed by fire,” Kelly shared optimistically. However, it remains uncertain whether any upcoming tour dates will be impacted by damages resulting from the fire. Kelly’s next scheduled performance is in Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday (Sept. 12).

Maintaining Humor in Adversity

Remarkably, Ruston Kelly’s sense of humor remained intact even in the face of this life-threatening incident. He light-heartedly expressed his gratitude for the inquiries he received, jokingly suggesting, “I’m most appreciative of the DMs asking if the fire started because I left my album on the bus,” in a playful Instagram Stories post.

Ruston Kelly: The Dirt Emo Artist

Ruston Kelly has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in the Americana music genre. Known for his poignant and introspective songwriting, Kelly has explored themes like addiction and recovery in his music. He proudly identifies as a “Dirt Emo” artist, a label he coined for a project in 2019 where he covered songs by artists like Dashboard Confessional and Taylor Swift, putting his own unique spin on them. Additionally, he was previously married to the renowned country-pop star Kacey Musgraves, with the couple officially divorcing in 2020.

In the wake of this shocking incident, fans and fellow artists alike are undoubtedly relieved that Ruston Kelly and his tour crew emerged from the flames unharmed, while looking forward to the continued journey of his music career.

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