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Zach Bryan Ends Ticketmaster Boycott for Upcoming Tour: “One Guy Can’t Change the Whole System”

Zach Bryan Tried To Fix A Flawed System

Zach Bryan surprises fans by ending his Ticketmaster boycott for “The Quittin Time Tour” in 2023. Acknowledging the limitations of one person against a flawed system, Bryan opts to use Ticketmaster for ticket sales, ensuring accessibility to his highly-anticipated shows. Discover the latest developments in Zach Bryan’s ticketing strategy.

Zach Bryan The Quittin Time Tour

In a surprising turn of events, Zach Bryan, the country superstar known for his powerful music and vocal advocacy, has decided to put an end to his Ticketmaster boycott—at least for his upcoming tour, “The Quittin Time Tour” in 2023. The decision comes after Bryan took a stand against Ticketmaster for what he perceived as an unfair ticketing system.

A Change of Heart

Bryan had initially chosen to bypass Ticketmaster entirely for his 2023 North American tour, opting for alternative ticketing platforms. In a statement on social media, he candidly expressed his frustration, stating, “Everyone complained about AXS last year. Using all ticketing sites this year.” He humorously referred to his 2022 live album, titled “All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster,” which seemed to encapsulate the sentiment of many music fans.

However, Bryan also acknowledged the reality that one person, no matter how influential, can’t single-handedly transform an entire system. He recognized that the ticketing system was intentionally designed with flaws, making it a challenge for artists like him to navigate while ensuring fair ticket prices for fans.

The “Quittin Time Tour”

Zach Bryan’s “The Quittin Time Tour” is set to kick off next March in Chicago, with exciting stops in major cities like Brooklyn, Toronto, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and more. Fans eagerly await the opportunity to witness Bryan’s exceptional live performances.

Tickets for the tour will be available through Ticketmaster, with a pre-sale starting on Thursday, September 7th (use code STUDIO), followed by the general on-sale on Friday, September 8th. Additionally, fans can find tickets for all tour dates at Tickets Countdown, a trusted ticketing platform that offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all purchases, ensuring a safe and secure checkout process.

Bryan’s Previous Ticketing Strategy

Earlier this year, Zach Bryan adopted a different approach to ticket sales for his current tour by partnering with Fair AXS. His goal was to maintain reasonable ticket prices and avoid the issues that had plagued previous tours, such as Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” pre-sale. Similar to Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program, Bryan’s pre-sale on Fair AXS randomly selected fans who had registered to purchase tickets. Prices were set at an affordable range of $40 to $130, with service fees capped at $10 to $20 per ticket.

An Industry-Wide Issue

Zach Bryan is not the only artist to confront Ticketmaster over ticketing issues. The Cure’s Robert Smith also took on Ticketmaster earlier this year during the band’s North American tour. Smith’s efforts led to Ticketmaster offering partial refunds for “unduly high” ticket fees, demonstrating that artists can have a significant impact on ticketing practices. Smith himself acknowledged the challenges of the Ticketmaster Verified Fan Sale and the platform’s “far from perfect” system.

Zach Bryan’s Musical Achievements

Apart from his advocacy for fair ticketing practices, Zach Bryan’s music has been making waves in the industry. His eponymous album, “Zach Bryan,” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, marking the first No. 1 rock album in over a year. Additionally, his collaboration with Kacey Musgraves on “I Remember Everything” topped the Hot 100 chart, solidifying his position as a musical powerhouse.

In conclusion, while Zach Bryan may have temporarily set aside his Ticketmaster boycott for “The Quittin Time Tour,” his dedication to fairness and affordability in the ticketing world remains unwavering. As fans eagerly anticipate his upcoming tour, it’s clear that Bryan’s influence extends beyond the stage, making him a formidable force for positive change in the music industry. Stay tuned for more updates on Zach Bryan’s tour and his continued advocacy for fair ticketing practices.

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