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The Weeknd’s XO Humanitarian Fund: A $2.5 Million Boost for Gaza Relief

In a heartfelt gesture, The Weeknd, through his XO Humanitarian Fund, donates $2.5 million for Gaza relief, providing over four million emergency meals. Partnering with the United Nations World Food Programme, the initiative addresses the urgent hunger crisis in the region. This humanitarian act reflects The Weeknd’s commitment to making a positive impact on global issues.

The Weeknd providing humanitarian aid to Gaza relief fund

In a remarkable act of compassion, The Weeknd, the internationally acclaimed artist and philanthropist, has dedicated $2.5 million from his XO Humanitarian Fund to alleviate the suffering in Gaza. This substantial donation is set to provide a critical lifeline of four million emergency meals for the distressed population in the region.

A Collaborative Effort with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)

This impactful contribution, unveiled on Friday (December 1), is a collaborative endeavor with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). The WFP will oversee the distribution of 820 metric tons, equivalent to approximately 1.8 million pounds, of food parcels. This substantial quantity is anticipated to sustain over 173,000 Palestinians for a duration of two weeks, addressing the alarming levels of hunger triggered by the ongoing conflict.

Urgency Expressed by WFP’s Regional Director

Corinne Fleischer, the Director for the Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe Region at WFP, emphasized the urgency of the situation. She stated, “This conflict has unleashed a humanitarian catastrophe beyond reckoning. WFP is working round the clock to provide aid in Gaza, but a major scale-up is needed to address the desperate level of hunger we are seeing.” Fleischer highlighted the necessity for safe and sustained humanitarian access, along with continued support from donors to maximize their reach. She conveyed gratitude to The Weeknd, whose valuable contribution exemplifies solidarity with the people of Palestine, hoping that others will follow this compassionate example.

The Weeknd’s Ongoing Commitment as WFP’s Goodwill Ambassador

The Weeknd’s involvement with WFP dates back to 2021 when he assumed the role of Goodwill Ambassador. Over the years, he has consistently demonstrated his commitment to humanitarian causes, with nearly $2 million donated through his XO fund.

Musical Triumphs Beyond Boundaries

Beyond his philanthropic endeavors, The Weeknd has witnessed extraordinary success in the realm of music. His ‘After Hours ’til Dawn’ tour marked a historic achievement, becoming the highest-grossing tour by a Black artist in European history, surpassing a record previously held by Beyoncé. With 30 shows overseas, the tour amassed an impressive $158.1 million, attracting over 1.6 million attendees. Key performances in France, Madrid, and Bogotá were marked by sold-out arenas, contributing significantly to the tour’s overall success.

Stimulating Economies and Breaking Records

In a noteworthy collaboration in October, The Weeknd actively participated in stimulating the economy during his performance in Bogotá, Colombia. Partnering with 35 local companies, the initiative resulted in the creation of approximately 1,500 jobs, reflecting the artist’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond the stage.

July witnessed The Weeknd breaking attendance records at London Stadium during a two-night extravaganza, drawing an astounding total of 160,000 fans. Live Nation’s Touring President, Omar Al-joulani, expressed admiration for this achievement, stating, “It’s incredible to see the Weeknd hit this milestone less than halfway through his massive sold-out European run. This historic moment in London shows the global fanbase he has cultivated over the years.”

Continuing the trend of breaking records, The Weeknd achieved another milestone in August at London’s Wembley Stadium. Live Nation UK reported that he “broke Wembley Stadium’s record for sales with their traditional concert set up with the stage at one end of the stadium with 87,000 tickets sold.”

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Global Impact and Future Endeavors

As The Weeknd extends his influence globally, he is not concluding his musical journey just yet. The Starboy crooner is set to embark on a series of performances in Australia later this month, culminating with shows in nearby New Zealand to wrap up an extraordinary year of accomplishments both on and off the stage.

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