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P!NK Takes a Stand: Distributing Banned Books at Florida Concerts

P!NK takes a stand at her Florida concerts, distributing 2,000 banned books with PEN America. Defying literary censorship, she advocates for diverse voices. Don’t miss this impactful initiative, as P!NK sparks change through music and literature. Grab tickets at Tickets Countdown with an exclusive 10% discount using code “Pink” at checkout.

P!NK to distribute banned books in Florida

In a bold move, P!NK is set to make waves not only with her electrifying performances but also by challenging the censorship of literature in Florida. Partnering with PEN America, the pop sensation will distribute 2,000 copies of banned books during her upcoming concerts in the Sunshine State. This initiative aims to confront the troubling trend of book banning, particularly those addressing issues of race, sexuality, gender, and history.

P!NK’s Literary Rebellion: A Stand Against Censorship

Teaming up with PEN America, P!NK is on a mission to defy the suppression of diverse voices in Florida’s educational and cultural landscape. The selected books for distribution include Todd Parr’s “The Family Book,” Amanda Gorman’s “The Hill We Climb,” Toni Morrison’s “Beloved,” and Stacia Deutsch’s “Girls Who Code.” P!NK, a vocal advocate for equality, expressed her commitment to safeguarding the freedom of expression, especially for marginalized communities.

PEN America’s Alarming Report on Book Bans in Florida

PEN America sheds light on a disconcerting reality in Florida, where over 1,400 books have been removed from public schools and libraries since 2022. The targeted literature often explores critical topics such as racism, sexuality, gender, and history. The surge in book bans is closely linked to Governor Ron Desantis’ controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill, fueling a disconcerting trend of limiting educational resources and stifling diverse perspectives.

What Is The Don’t Say Gay Bill?

In March 2022, Florida enacted HB 1557, widely known as the Don’t Say Gay bill, raising concerns about its impact on LGBTQ+ education and the well-being of families. This legislation bars classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity before the 4th grade and mandates “age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate” content thereafter.

A recent survey of 113 LGBTQ+ parents reveals deep apprehension, with 88% expressing concerns about the law’s effects. Disturbingly, one in four reports facing anti-LGBTQ harassment since its passage, prompting coping strategies like contemplating relocation. This study provides an initial insight into the bill’s adverse consequences on LGBTQ+ parent families in Florida.

P!NK’s Florida Tour: Spreading Awareness Through Music

This week, P!NK is set to mesmerize audiences at three iconic Florida venues: Kaseya Center in Miami, Amerant Bank Arena in Sunrise, and Amway Center in Orlando. These concerts promise not only a sonic spectacle but also a platform for promoting inclusivity and freedom of thought. As P!NK takes the stage, she’ll carry a powerful message about the importance of embracing diverse narratives.

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P!NK 2023 Tour Dates: Mark Your Calendar!

  • 11/14 – Miami, FL @ Kaseya Center *
  • 11/15 – Sunrise, FL @ Amerant Bank Arena *
  • 11/18 – Orlando, FL @ Amway Center *
  • 11/19 – Orlando, FL @ Amway Center *
  • 11/26 – Arlington, TX @ Globe Life Field * (w/ Grouplove + KidCutUp)

Don’t miss this chance to be part of a musical journey that transcends entertainment and delves into the realm of social advocacy. P!NK’s distribution of banned books underscores the power of art in challenging societal norms and fostering inclusivity. Secure your tickets now for an unforgettable night of music and a stand against censorship!

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