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Olivia Rodrigo Shines Bright In Palm Springs

Olivia Rodrigo launched her GUTS World Tour in Palm Springs, delivering a captivating performance at Acrisure Arena. With a setlist featuring tracks from SOUR and GUTS, Rodrigo’s show was a testament to her musical evolution. From heartfelt ballads to high-energy anthems, Rodrigo’s performance left the audience spellbound. This show captivated her audience with multiple sets throughout the night.

Olivia Rodrigo kicks off her tour in Palm Springs

Olivia Rodrigo's "GUTS World Tour"

The Captivating Prelude

Olivia Rodrigo’s “GUTS World Tour” took flight at Acrisure Arena in Palm Springs, CA, unleashing a captivating musical soiree on Friday, February 23rd. Kicking off with the spellbinding chords of “bad idea right?” Rodrigo’s stage presence, adorned in a sparkling bralette and skirt, set the tone for a night that promised to weave through the tracks of her sophomore album, “GUTS.” With every lyric of “bad idea right?” reverberating, Rodrigo transported the audience into the heart of her evolving artistry.

A standout moment in this act was the live debut of “logical,” adding an element of exclusivity to the performance. Rodrigo’s vulnerability shone through, creating an immediate connection with the crowd. The act unfolded like a musical prologue, providing a glimpse into Rodrigo’s growth and maturity as an artist. With every note, Rodrigo crafted an atmosphere that echoed her journey from a Disney Channel star to a Grammy-winning artist, leaving the audience eager for the chapters yet to unfold.

Act II: A Nostalgic Resurgence

Transitioning into the second act, Rodrigo delved into the chart-topping tracks of her debut album, “SOUR,” immersing the audience in a wave of nostalgia. The haunting strains of “traitor” reverberated, intensified by the addition of choreographed dancers who elevated the emotional intensity of the performance. Rodrigo seamlessly blended contemporary dance with ’90s rock-infused pop songs, demonstrating her dynamic approach to music.

Anthems like “drivers license” and the evocative “teenage dream” were revisited, with Rodrigo’s piano rendition of the latter accompanied by nostalgic home videos. The incorporation of dance in this act showcased Rodrigo’s versatility, creating a bridge between her past and present. The act was a testament to Rodrigo’s ability to traverse emotional landscapes, creating a poignant connection with her fans.

Act III: Celestial Serenity

The third act transported the concert into celestial realms as Rodrigo ascended a giant crescent moon, surrounded by a cosmic backdrop of stars. Floating above the arena, she serenaded the audience with “logical” and “enough for you,” creating a surreal experience. The celestial setting enhanced the ethereal atmosphere, enchanting the crowd with Rodrigo’s mesmerizing presence. Addressing the audience’s Southern California connections, Rodrigo shared, “I’m from Temecula, which is not too far … so I’m sort of a Riverside County sister,” forging a personal connection with the crowd.

The live debut of “logical” and the emotional rendition of “enough for you” left an indelible mark, showcasing Rodrigo’s ability to create a magical atmosphere. The act unfolded like a cosmic sojourn, a moment where Rodrigo’s music reached new heights, carrying the audience into the vast expanse of her artistic universe. The celestial journey unfolded, leaving an indelible mark on the concert’s sonic landscape.

Act IV: Unveiling Raw Intensity and New Horizons

The fourth act delved into the raw intensity of Rodrigo’s music, setting the stage for an emotional rollercoaster. The intense build-up of “brutal” paved the way for an emotional crescendo, as Rodrigo bared her soul through every note. The live debut of the bonus track “obsessed” added a new dimension to the performance, revealing Rodrigo’s versatility as an artist. The act culminated with “the grudge,” a song that plumbed emotional depths, leaving the audience awestruck by Rodrigo’s raw and authentic expression.

This act showcased Rodrigo’s commitment to presenting a multifaceted showcase, from electric guitar solos to intimate moments that laid bare her vulnerabilities. The addition of the bonus track “obsessed” brought an element of surprise, keeping the audience captivated and reinforcing Rodrigo’s status as a dynamic performer. The act unfolded like a crescendo, reaching its zenith as Rodrigo navigated the emotional terrain of her music, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those in attendance.

Olivia Rodrigo Live In Palm Springs To Start Guts World Tour

Encore: A Grand Finale and Unforgettable Moments

The encore was nothing short of spectacular, as Rodrigo returned to the stage with extended renditions of “good 4 u” and “get him back!” The latter featured a choreographed dance routine, a confetti cannon, and a powerful extended outro, etching an indelible mark on the concert’s grand finale. Rodrigo’s ability to seamlessly transition between high-energy performances and intimate moments showcased her versatility as an artist.

During “happier,” Rodrigo took a moment to share the backstory, revealing, “I wrote this song when I was on the set of a TV show.” The intimate storytelling added a layer of connection with the audience, showcasing Rodrigo’s authenticity. The inclusion of personal anecdotes, such as recording the chorus in a bathroom, reinforced the concert’s genuine and unfiltered nature.

As the final notes of “get him back!” resonated through the arena, Rodrigo’s magnetic stage presence lingered in the air. The encore was a grand finale, a culmination of Rodrigo’s sonic journey that unfolded over acts, each song a chapter in her evolving narrative. The concert concluded with Rodrigo’s triumphant presence, leaving the audience with an unforgettable musical experience.

A Musical Journey Beyond Boundaries

In the expansive Acrisure Arena, Olivia Rodrigo unfolded her musical tapestry, intertwining vulnerability and strength. The “GUTS World Tour” premiere in Palm Desert was not just a concert; it was a testament to the transformative power of music and the unstoppable rise of a young artist in her prime. As Rodrigo’s musical journey continues, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in the legacy of this extraordinary artist.

“GUTS World Tour” Setlist:

Act 1
bad idea right? (extended outro)
ballad of a homeschooled girl
traitor (extended outro)
drivers license
teenage dream (spoken intro; extended outro)

Act II
pretty isn’t pretty
love is embarrassing (contains elements of “Mickey” by Toni Basil)
making the bed (extended intro)

logical (live debut; extended intro; on moon)
enough for you (on moon)
lacy (extended intro)
jealousy, jealousy
favorite crime
deja vu (extended outro)
the grudge

Act IV
brutal (extended intro)
obsessed (live debut; extended outro)
all-american bitch (extended intro)

good 4 u (extended outro)
get him back! (extended outro)

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