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METALLICA Shatters Attendance Records in St. Louis – Over 100,000 Tickets Sold!

Metallica makes history in St. Louis, smashing attendance records with over 100,000 tickets sold during their “M72” tour. The Dome at America’s Center witnessed an awe-inspiring weekend of epic rock, bringing fans from all over the country. With a revolutionary stage setup, innovative experiences, and charitable initiatives, the band’s monumental performances continue to unite the #MetallicaFamily and reaffirm their iconic status in the world of rock and metal.

Metallica sets attendance record in St. Louis

Metallica, the legendary heavy metal titans, recently etched their name in the annals of rock history by smashing attendance records at The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri. This monumental achievement took place on Friday, November 3, and Sunday, November 5, during the band’s “M72” tour, marking a new high with a staggering 100,000 attendees. These back-to-back headlining concerts showcased the unparalleled might of Metallica and the enduring passion of their fanbase.

No Repeat Weekend Extravaganza

The first concert, held on Friday, was an adrenaline-fueled musical journey that featured not only Metallica but also the iconic PANTERA and the talented MAMMOTH WVH. Sunday’s gig was no less explosive, with the relentless energy of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and the intense performance of ICE NINE KILLS. The two shows left St. Louis awestruck and further solidified Metallica’s legendary status.

A Historic Milestone

Metallica took to their social media platforms to share the exhilarating news, proudly declaring, “The #MetallicaFamily made history during #M72STL. Over 100,000 tickets were sold to our No Repeat Weekend gigs at The Dome, setting the record for most tickets sold for any event since the venue opened in 1995! Thanks for coming out to see us, St. Louis!”

The astounding feat speaks volumes about the enduring appeal of Metallica’s music and their unwavering connection with fans worldwide. The “M72” tour is undoubtedly a testament to their ability to command massive audiences.

Unveiling the Monumental Stage

One of the tour’s standout features is its bold in-the-round stage design. This innovative concept relocates the famed Metallica Snake Pit to center stage, creating a mesmerizing experience for fans and allowing for an increased ticket capacity. The unique stage, with its hollow center, offers more space for enthusiastic Metallica enthusiasts.

This colossal ring-shaped stage boasts eight towering monitors and speakers. Each tower is anchored by a raised platform featuring VIP seating, where eight folding chairs are adorned with the distinctive black-and-yellow color scheme from the band’s new album, “72 Seasons.”

Embracing St. Louis – A Weekend to Remember

Metallica’s arrival in St. Louis brought a flurry of fan activities that celebrated the band’s enduring legacy. The city was adorned with Metallica cover bands, a Metallica film festival, a James Hetfield book signing (which sold out), Blackened whiskey tasting events (Metallica’s whiskey brand), a special pop-up store featuring exclusive band merchandise, a Metallica-themed bowling party, and much more. The city was alive with the unmistakable spirit of Metallica.

A Fanbase Beyond Borders

The concerts in St. Louis weren’t just a local affair; fans from across the country flocked to be part of this historic event. Attendees hailed from places as far-flung as Kansas, Alaska, North Carolina, and Texas. Metallica’s music transcends geographic boundaries, uniting fans from diverse corners of the United States for an unforgettable weekend of rock and metal.

A History of Crowd-Pulling Performances

This is not the first time Metallica has demonstrated their immense crowd-pulling power. In August, the band drew nearly 80,000 fans to the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, making it the biggest crowd in the history of this Southern California stadium. Their two concerts in Texas earlier in the year saw fans purchase over 156,000 tickets. Taylor Swift’s SoFi Stadium shows in the summer of 2023 also attracted massive crowds, with over 70,000 fans in attendance each night.

The Charitable Angle

Metallica’s “M72” tour isn’t just about setting attendance records. The band is committed to giving back through their All Within My Hands foundation. Proceeds from the shows go to this foundation, which works to enrich the lives of communities that have supported the band. It focuses on fighting food insecurity, providing disaster relief, and offering scholarships, making it clear that Metallica’s impact goes beyond their music.

Behind the Scenes

The logistical scale of Metallica’s production is staggering, with 87 trucks required to transport the equipment. The crew comprises 130 people, and the stage setup involves 40 steelworkers, local hires, and truck drivers. The massive scale of the operation is essential for ensuring that fans have an unforgettable experience.

Double the Metallica, Double the Fun

Metallica’s manager, Cliff Burnstein, revealed that between 80% and 90% of fans at each concert are attending both shows. Metallica’s commitment to delivering a no-repeat experience ensures that fans attending both nights are treated to unique setlists and unforgettable performances.

A Worldwide Phenomenon

Metallica’s two-night stand at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, was livestreamed in movie theaters worldwide, expanding the band’s reach to global audiences. This marked Metallica’s first appearance in Texas since 2021, and it was a monumental moment in their touring history.

As Metallica continues their “M72” world tour, they leave a trail of roaring fans, unmatched performances, and records shattered. Their journey is a testament to the enduring power of rock and metal music and the profound bond they share with their dedicated fanbase. Metallica’s monumental shows in St. Louis are not just a footnote in their storied history; they are a celebration of music, unity, and the indomitable spirit of the Metallica family.

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