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Mariah Carey’s Festive Comeback: A Merry Christmas in 2023

Mariah Carey is reclaiming Christmas cheer in 2023 after a less-than-ideal holiday last year. The iconic singer, renowned as the Queen of Christmas, is on a mission for a festive comeback. Embarking on a “Merry Christmas One and All” tour, Carey promises surprises and duets, ensuring this year’s celebrations outshine the last. Join her for a magical Yuletide experience filled with timeless hits and holiday joy.

Mariah Carey Determined to have great Christmas

Embracing the Yuletide Spirit

In the realm of holiday cheer, even the self-proclaimed Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey, occasionally encounters a less-than-merry season. However, in 2023, the 54-year-old vocal powerhouse is determined to rewrite that narrative.

Living in the Moment

“Years? What are years? I’m unfamiliar with them,” Carey playfully remarked in a recent digital cover story with People, emphasizing her preference for living “Christmastime to Christmastime.”

“I’ve been looking forward to this Christmas for, like, the whole year,” she continued. “Since last year —because last year wasn’t the greatest. I’m thankful for them all, but it wasn’t my most fun version of Christmas ever.”

A Spectacular Redemption: The “Merry Christmas One and All” Tour

To compensate for the perceived lackluster holiday of the previous year, Carey embarked on a grand 14-city tour, aptly named “Merry Christmas One and All.” The tour, concluding on December 17 with a grand finale at Madison Square Garden in New York City, aims to recapture the enchanting holiday spirit.

Musical Dominance and Evergreen Hits

A five-time Grammy winner, Carey is renowned for her consistent dominance in the Christmas music market. Her timeless hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” released in 1994, continues to reign supreme, currently holding the No. 4 position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart dated December 2. Impressively, the festive anthem has spent a collective 12 weeks at No. 1 over the years.

“I’ve been working day and night on this one,” Carey shared about her tour preparations. “I’ll be doing songs I’ve never done before, some duets. I’ve got to keep some surprises.”

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Mariah Carey 2023 Tour Dates

  • 12/05 – Pittsburgh, PA @ PPG Paints Arena
  • 12/11 – Boston, MA @ TD Garden
  • 12/13 – Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center
  • 12/15 – Baltimore, MD @ CFG Bank Arena
  • 12/17 – New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden

Family Affair: Twins Take Center Stage

Adding a personal touch to her festive extravaganza, Carey’s 12-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, join her on the road as featured performers. “Roc,” as Carey affectionately calls him, showcases his rap skills during “Here Comes Santa Claus,” while “Roe” engages in a heartwarming duet with her mom on “Jesus Born on This Day.”

Embracing the Diva Label

In a candid conversation with People, Carey addressed the oft-used “diva” label, refusing to shy away from it. “I still define the word ‘diva’ the way it is in the dictionary,” she asserted. “It’s a successful singer, usually a soprano, typically in the opera field.”

Acknowledging the term’s common use, she added, “So many people that I know that are called ‘divas’ all the time, don’t take offense to it. If someone’s like, ‘The diva, so-and-so.’ Who cares? Why is it a big deal? Just take it and be on your merry way.”

The Tour Extravaganza: A Festive Delight

Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas One and All” Tour lived up to its promise in Kansas City, delivering an exceptional musical experience filled with holiday joy. The audience, adorned in festive attire, sang and danced, enveloped in the spirit of Christmas. Mariah’s vocal prowess remained as impressive as ever, forging a magical connection with the audience. For Christmas music enthusiasts, this tour is a must-see, offering an unforgettable experience brimming with festive cheer and Mariah’s timeless hits.

Feel the magic of Christmas with Mariah Carey, as she orchestrates a festive comeback that promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

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