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Maren Morris Announces Departure from Country Music Industry

Singer Maren Morris has made a surprising announcement regarding her departure from the Country music scene. Citing her reasons, she points to the influence of the “Trump years” and the divisive impact it has had on the genre.

Maren Morris is finished with country music

Maren Morris Bids Farewell to Country Music Amidst the Impact of the "Trump Years"

In a candid interview with the Los Angeles Times, the Grammy-winning artist expressed her concerns about how the political climate during the Trump administration affected the music industry and its fanbase. Morris lamented that the divisive rhetoric during those years had unmasked underlying biases among certain segments of the audience.

Morris stated, “After the Trump years, people’s biases were on full display. It just revealed who people really were and that they were proud to be misogynistic and racist and homophobic and transphobic.” She emphasized how these attitudes were disheartening and incompatible with her vision for music.

Music as a “Toxic Weapon”

Morris also expressed her frustration at how music had become a tool in the ongoing culture wars. She referred to the use of songs like Jason Aldean’s “Try That in a Small Town” as political statements, where listeners streamed these songs not out of genuine appreciation but as a form of political defiance. This, she argued, misrepresented the true purpose of music, which should be about artistic expression and empathy.

A Departure from Country Music

Morris’s decision to leave Country music marks a significant turning point in her career. She believes that the industry’s current atmosphere is far removed from what she values in music—a medium that should amplify the voices of the marginalized and oppressed.

Morris’s Prior Political Involvement

This isn’t the first time Maren Morris has dipped her toes into the political waters. Last year, she garnered attention for her criticism of comments made by Brittany Aldean, the wife of Country star Jason Aldean, regarding gender-affirming care for transgender youth. Morris’s stance led to backlash from conservative television host Tucker Carlson, who labeled her a “lunatic country person” on his Fox News show.

In response, Morris cleverly used the situation to raise $100,000 for pro-trans organizations by selling a t-shirt inspired by Carlson’s chyron.

The Future for Maren Morris

As Morris embarks on this new chapter outside of Country music, she remains committed to music’s original purpose: to inspire, heal, and advocate for positive change. Her departure from the genre reflects the ongoing shift and polarization within the music industry, raising important questions about the role of art in society’s broader cultural and political discussions.

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