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Knotfest Iowa 2024 Lineup Announced

Experience the thunder of Knotfest Iowa 2024! Slipknot headlines with Till Lindemann, Knocked Loose, GWAR, and more. Witness the power of metal in Des Moines at Water Works Park. Get ready for a day of epic performances and immersive experiences. Tickets on sale now. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable festival lineup!

Knotfest Iowa 2024 Lineup Announced

Slipknot, the masked metal titans, have once again electrified their fanbase with the announcement of Knotfest Iowa 2024. Set to take place on September 21st at Water Works Park in Des Moines, this year’s edition promises to be an unmissable event for metalheads far and wide. The lineup reads like a who’s who of heavy music royalty, with Slipknot leading the charge alongside Rammstein’s Till Lindemann, Knocked Loose, GWAR, and more.

A Heavyweight Lineup Takes Center Stage

The anticipation is palpable as Slipknot prepares to headline Knotfest Iowa, marking a triumphant return to their hometown. Joining them on stage will be a diverse array of acts, including Till Lindemann of Rammstein fame, renowned for his explosive stage presence. With Knocked Loose, Hatebreed, Poison the Well, and GWAR also on the bill, fans can expect an unforgettable day of sonic chaos and metal mayhem.

Celebrating a Milestone: Slipknot’s 25th Anniversary

As Slipknot gears up to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their groundbreaking self-titled debut album, Knotfest Iowa promises to be a nostalgic journey back to the band’s roots. Embracing the spirit of their iconic red jumpsuits and masks from 1999, Slipknot will treat fans to a setlist that pays homage to the record that catapulted them to global stardom.

Knotfest Festival Experience

A Festival Like No Other

Knotfest Iowa isn’t just about the music; it’s a cultural phenomenon that transcends genres and generations. From its inception in 2012, Knotfest has grown into a global extravaganza, captivating audiences across four continents. The festival’s immersive experience goes beyond the stage, offering fans a glimpse into the dark carnival world of Slipknot.

The Knotfest Museum: A Tribute to Slipknot’s Legacy

A highlight of this year’s Knotfest Iowa is the debut of the revamped Knotfest Museum, dedicated to celebrating Slipknot’s illustrious 25-year career. Featuring an extensive collection of artifacts and memorabilia, the museum offers fans a rare glimpse into the band’s evolution and enduring impact on the world of heavy music.

Preserving a Legacy, Defining a Genre

As Slipknot continues to push the boundaries of heavy metal, Knotfest Iowa stands as a testament to their enduring legacy. From their humble beginnings in Des Moines, Iowa, to their status as global icons, Slipknot’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. With Knotfest Iowa, they invite fans to join them in celebrating a quarter-century of innovation, passion, and unbridled creativity.

Slipknot’s creative visionary Shawn “Clown” Crahan described Knotfest as “a dark carnival experience. It’s not just the shows, but the environment created around it. It’s all about having fun. A day dedicated to our mentality, our ideas, to the people we want to be with. I’m talking about smells, sights, hearing, your body, everything will be overloaded with stimulation.”

Twenty-five years ago, nine inspired musicians from Des Moines, Iowa, shattered the scope of what was possible in rock music. From the moment Slipknot emerged in 1999 with their self-titled debut, it was clear they were like nothing the world had seen before. Where a similarly creative act may have burned out or lost their relevance chasing mainstream acceptance, Slipknot has only proven that an enduring commitment to constant evolution, their craft, and their fans can allow a rock band to not only continue — but flourish and push the envelope on what defines heavy metal and rock music in general.

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