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Justin Bieber Joins SZA on Surprise ‘Snooze (Acoustic)’ Version

Justin Bieber and SZA Snooze Together

Justin Bieber and SZA surprise fans with an enchanting acoustic version of “Snooze.” Their soulful collaboration adds new depth to the hit song, previously featured on Barack Obama’s 2023 summer playlist. This unexpected release is a musical gem that’s captivating listeners and leaving them craving more.

Justin Bieber and SZA release new song Snooze

In a delightful twist that left fans buzzing with excitement, Justin Bieber made an unexpected appearance in SZA’s music video for “Snooze” last month. The sultry visual for the song, taken from SZA’s highly anticipated sophomore album, S.O.S., featured Bieber sharing a picnic blanket with the talented singer. This captivating video also showcased interactions with other notable figures like Benny Blanco, rising star Young Mazino, and Power Book II: Ghost actor Woody McClain. Little did fans know that this was just the beginning of the surprises in store.

Fast forward to Friday, September 15th, and SZA dropped a mesmerizing unplugged version of “Snooze” titled “Snooze (Acoustic).” What set this release apart was the addition of fresh vocals from none other than Justin Bieber himself. This unexpected collaboration took the music world by storm, especially considering that the original “Snooze” had already earned a spot on former President Barack Obama’s summer playlist for 2023.

A Serenade of Acoustic Bliss

The acoustic rendition of “Snooze” opens with gently picked acoustic guitar, setting the stage for an intimate musical journey. SZA’s signature voice gracefully carries the song’s first verse, creating a captivating atmosphere as she croons the familiar lyrics. However, it’s when Justin Bieber joins in on the backing vocals during the chorus that the magic truly unfolds.

Together, they harmonize beautifully, their voices blending seamlessly as they sing, “I can’t lose when I’m with you/ How can I snooze and miss the moment?/ You’re just too important.” The chemistry between SZA and Bieber is palpable, adding depth and emotion to this already soulful track.

As the song progresses, Bieber takes the lead on the second verse, injecting his unique style and charisma into the lyrics. With lines like, “In a droptop ride with you, I feel like Scarface/ Like that white b—ch with the bob, you’ll be my main one/ Let’s take this argument back up to my place/ Sex reminds you I’m nonviolent, I’m your day one,” Bieber’s vocals exude confidence and vulnerability, creating a captivating contrast that keeps listeners hooked.

SZA, true to her artistry, contributes ad-libs and harmonies behind Bieber’s verses, enhancing the emotional depth of the song. Their voices intertwine effortlessly throughout the remaining choruses, making it evident that this collaboration was a match made in musical heaven.

“Snooze” Makes Chart-Topping Waves

“Snooze” has been nothing short of a sensation since its release. The song catapulted SZA to her second No. 1 position on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart, topping the list dated July 1. This achievement underscores the widespread acclaim and adoration that “Snooze” has received within the music industry and from fans worldwide.

Additionally, the track marked SZA’s second career No. 1 on the Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay tally, solidifying her status as a force to be reckoned with in contemporary R&B and hip-hop music.

The surprise acoustic version of “Snooze” not only showcases the artistic versatility of both SZA and Justin Bieber but also provides fans with a fresh perspective on this chart-topping hit. The unplugged rendition, filled with raw emotion and acoustic charm, is a testament to the enduring power of music to surprise, connect, and captivate audiences.

As fans continue to revel in the magic of this unexpected collaboration, one thing is clear: “Snooze (Acoustic)” is a musical gem that will be cherished by fans of both SZA and Justin Bieber for years to come.

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