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Jason Momoa Joins the Pantera Mosh Pit at SoFi Stadium

Jason Momoa Joins Pantera Backstage Then goes to the Moshpit

Watch Jason Momoa Hit The Pantera Pit

Jason Momoa, known for his Aquaman role, made waves by diving into the mosh pit during a Pantera concert. His electrifying presence added an unexpected twist to the night, showcasing the unity of Hollywood and metal music in an unforgettable moment.

When Hollywood stars collide with the world of rock and metal, you know something epic is in the works. In an electrifying turn of events, actors John Travolta, Jason Momoa, and Adria Arjona, alongside “Vanderpump Rules” cast member Tom Sandoval, made their presence felt at METALLICA’s recent concert at the iconic SoFi Stadium on a Friday night, August 25th. This star-studded evening saw Pantera and Mammoth WVH as the supporting acts, setting the stage for an unforgettable musical extravaganza. But that’s not all; there’s a mosh pit twist to this story.

Jason Momoa: From Aquaman to Metalhead

Jason Momoa, known for his role as Aquaman, is no stranger to the world of rock and metal. In fact, he’s revealed that bands like METALLICA and TOOL served as inspiration for his portrayal of the iconic aquatic hero.

In an interview with Metal Hammer back in 2018, Momoa shared his unique connection to the metal scene, stating, “Aquaman’s pretty metal. I know no one thinks that, but Aquaman’s metal.” He went on to highlight METALLICA’s debut album, “Kill ‘Em All,” and the TOOL song “Ticks And Leeches” as two musical influences that helped shape his character’s persona. It’s a testament to the enduring influence of metal on pop culture, even in unexpected places.

A Night to Remember at SoFi Stadium

The star-studded METALLICA concert at SoFi Stadium was a night to remember for fans and celebrities alike. Pantera and Mammoth WVH set the stage on fire with their electrifying performances, setting the crowd’s adrenaline rushing.

But the real surprise came when Jason Momoa, known for his towering presence and charismatic roles, decided to embrace the energy of the mosh pit. It was a sight to behold as Momoa, the Aquaman of the big screen, became one with the crowd, unleashing his inner metalhead. The pit was alive with energy, and Momoa’s presence added an extra layer of excitement to an already thrilling evening.

Behind-the-Scenes Moments

In the aftermath of the epic concert, Pantera drummer Charlie Benante took to social media to share some captivating backstage photos from the night. His post offered fans a glimpse into the unique camaraderie that exists among musicians and celebrities in the world of rock and metal.

Benante’s post also revealed that he had the chance to chat with John Travolta about a rather amusing topic – folding two slices of pizza together while walking and eating. The humorous exchange added a touch of lightheartedness to the evening.

Additionally, Benante expressed his admiration for Jason Momoa’s presence in the mosh pit, describing it as a highlight that pushed him to give his all during the performance. It’s clear that the energy of the crowd and the star-studded audience created an unforgettable atmosphere at SoFi Stadium.

The Future of Metal and Hollywood

As the concert wrapped up, fans and onlookers couldn’t help but speculate about what this unique fusion of Hollywood and the metal world could mean for the future. Jason Momoa’s love for metal and his willingness to dive headfirst into the mosh pit showcase the enduring power of metal music to bring people from all walks of life together.

This star-studded night at SoFi Stadium was not just about the music; it was a celebration of the unifying force of rock and metal. It reminds us that in the world of music, as in life, unexpected surprises and unique connections can lead to unforgettable moments.

As this story continues to unfold, one thing is certain – the worlds of metal and Hollywood have collided in spectacular fashion, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what might come next from this dynamic intersection of entertainment.

Watch Jason Momoa having the time of his life in the Pantera pit below. 

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