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Jason Aldean’s Highly Anticipated “Highway Desperado”

Jason Aldean Album Update

Jason Aldean to Release New Album on November 3rd

Country superstar Jason Aldean is back with his latest album, “Highway Desperado.” This 14-track masterpiece, including the heartfelt anthem “Let Your Boys Be Country,” promises to be a musical journey through life’s moments. Get ready to experience the magic of Aldean’s storytelling prowess and signature style in this highly anticipated release.

Jason Aldean, the celebrated country star, is gearing up to release his much-awaited album, “Highway Desperado,” slated for November 3rd. This 14-track masterpiece includes familiar hits like “Tough Crowd” and his current single, “Try That in a Small Town.” But what’s really making waves is the anthemic new addition, “Let Your Boys Be Country.”

“Let Your Boys Be Country”: A Heartfelt Ode to Childhood Freedom

Crafted by the talented trio of Allison Veltz Cruz, Jaron Boyer, and Micah Wilshire, “Let Your Boys Be Country” resonates with a message close to Jason Aldean’s heart. In this mid-tempo tune, Aldean encourages mothers to let their sons embrace the authentic country lifestyle without reservation.

The song is more than just music; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the simple joys of childhood. Aldean explains, “This song’s about letting your boys, letting your kids be kids, especially little boys. Let them go get dirty, play in the mud, go out in the woods, catch some fish, hunt, all those kinds of things.”

“Let Your Boys Be Country” captures the essence of rural living, where kids can revel in the great outdoors, unburdened by the constraints of city life. It’s a reminder of the importance of letting children experience the wonders of nature and learn life’s lessons through exploration.

The “Highway Desperado” Album: An Exciting Musical Journey

While “Let Your Boys Be Country” stands out as a touching tribute to childhood, the entire “Highway Desperado” album promises an unforgettable musical journey. With 14 tracks that showcase Aldean’s signature style and storytelling prowess, this album is set to make a significant impact on the country music scene.

Explore the Full “Highway Desperado” Tracklist

Here’s a sneak peek at the complete tracklist for “Highway Desperado”:

  1. “Tough Crowd”
  2. “Let Your Boys Be Country”
  3. “Knew You’d Come Around”
  4. “Hungover in a Hotel”
  5. “Try That in a Small Town”
  6. “Whiskey Drink”
  7. “Whose Rearview”
  8. “I’m Over You”
  9. “Rather Watch You”
  10. “Breakup Breakdown”
  11. “Get Away From You”
  12. “Changing Bars”
  13. “From This Beer On”
  14. “Highway Desperado”

Each track promises to take listeners on a journey through the heart of country music, exploring themes of love, life’s ups and downs, and the simple pleasures of living life to the fullest.

Catch Jason Aldean on the Highway Desperado Tour

As if the album release weren’t exciting enough, Jason Aldean is currently on his 41-city “Highway Desperado Tour.” This tour is a fantastic opportunity for fans to experience the magic of his new album and relish his greatest hits live on stage. To find out if Jason Aldean will be performing near you and to secure your tickets, visit Tickets Countdown where tickets have a 100% money back guarantee with safe, secure checkout.

Jason Aldean’s “Highway Desperado” album promises to be a stellar addition to his already illustrious career. With its heartfelt tracks, including the anthemic “Let Your Boys Be Country,” it’s set to captivate country music enthusiasts and take them on a musical journey through life’s most meaningful moments. Mark your calendars for November 3rd and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of “Highway Desperado.”

Listen to Let Your Boys Be Country

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