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Incubus Shines at Hollywood Bowl: Morning View Full Performance with Lizzo

Lizzo Plays Flute On Stage With Incubus

Incubus wowed fans at the Hollywood Bowl with a full performance of their album “Morning View,” and to everyone’s surprise, Lizzo joined them on stage, showcasing her flute-playing skills during “Aqueous Transmission.”

Lizzo joins Incubus on stage at Hollywood Bowl

Incubus, the iconic California rock band, delivered an unforgettable one-off concert at the renowned Hollywood Bowl, taking fans on a nostalgic journey through their acclaimed album “Morning View.” This spectacular event, featuring a surprise guest appearance by Lizzo, left the audience in awe.

Incubus “Morning View” Revived

Incubus took the Hollywood Bowl stage by storm, revisiting their cherished album “Morning View.” Fans were treated to a remarkable performance that included long-unheard tracks like “Blood on the Ground,” “Have You Ever,” and “Under My Umbrella,” which had been absent from their live repertoire for over a decade. The magic didn’t end there; Lizzo joined the band on stage, showcasing her flute-playing skills during the enchanting “Aqueous Transmission.”

An Epic Setlist

The 21-song setlist was a journey through Incubus’ musical legacy. The band delighted the audience with classics like “Anna Molly,” “Pardon Me,” “Dig,” and “Drive,” ensuring that fans of all eras were left satisfied. It was a night of nostalgia, incredible music, and unforgettable moments.

Morning View XXIII on the Horizon

Incubus had an additional surprise for their fans: a re-recording of “Morning View” aptly titled “Morning View XXIII.” Originally scheduled for release on the night of the concert, the band decided to postpone its launch to early 2024. This reimagined version of the album promises to breathe new life into familiar tracks while preserving the essence that fans hold dear.

Lizzo’s Dream Come True

For Lizzo, this performance was a dream come true. A dedicated Incubus fan since her teenage years, the 35-year-old musician had the opportunity to share the stage with her musical idols. She expressed her excitement and gratitude on Instagram, sharing videos of herself passionately playing the flute alongside Incubus’ lead singer, Brandon Boyd, during their performance of “Aqueous Transmission.” Lizzo described the experience as “BEYOND a dream and FULL CIRCLE.”

In her heartfelt Instagram posts, Lizzo reminisced about attending an Incubus concert 20 years ago, and now, she found herself performing alongside the band at the iconic Hollywood Bowl. Her joy was palpable, and her gratitude to Incubus for making her childhood dreams come true was evident in her words.

Unforgettable Moments

Lizzo didn’t just perform on stage; she also shared precious moments with the band members and even joined the audience to enjoy the concert herself. She posted footage of herself jamming out with friends and posing for photos with Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger, Chris Kilmore, José Pasillas, and Nicole Row. (Nicole Row stepped in for bassist Ben Kenney on the tour.) The “Truth Hurts” artist couldn’t contain her excitement, expressing her ongoing amazement at the experience.

Incubus reciprocated the admiration, thanking Lizzo on their Instagram for gracing the stage with her presence. The Hollywood Bowl show marked the official conclusion of Incubus’ 2023 tour, which featured support from Paris Jackson and BADFLOWER. The band now looks forward to their performance at SEMA Fest in Las Vegas in November and an Australia tour in 2024.

Lizzo’s Journey

While Lizzo basked in the glory of her unforgettable Incubus collaboration, she herself has had a remarkable journey in the music industry. Her Special Tour concluded in July after ten months of performances in North America and Europe. However, it wasn’t without its challenges, as she faced a lawsuit from former backup dancers in August, accusing her of hostile work conditions and sexual harassment. Lizzo vehemently denied these allegations, filing a request for the case to be dismissed.

In summary, the Incubus “Morning View” full performance at the Hollywood Bowl was a night to remember, filled with incredible music and an unexpected guest appearance by Lizzo. It’s clear that both artists continue to make waves in the music industry, delighting their fans with each unique performance. 

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