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Eddie Vedder and Post Malone Raise A $1 Million for EB Research

Eddie Vedder and Post Malone strike a philanthropic chord, raising a remarkable $1 million for EB Research during their heartfelt duet of Pearl Jam’s ‘Better Man.’ This musical collaboration, part of the second annual Reportin’ for Duty benefit, underscores the power of music in contributing to noble causes. Their performance, now etched in philanthropic history, echoes a harmonious call for support in battling the rare genetic skin disorder.

Eddie Vedder and Post Malone Raise $1 million for EB research

In a soulful convergence of musical prowess and philanthropy, Eddie Vedder and Post Malone took center stage for a cause that struck a chord with their hearts. The resonating duet of Pearl Jam’s classic “Better Man” unfolded at the second annual Reportin’ for Duty benefit, an event dedicated to honoring the late Leslie Jordan. Held at the Humble Baron at Nearest Green Distillery in Shelbyville, Tenn., the collaboration between these two musical titans not only created an unforgettable performance but also orchestrated a symphony of generosity, raising an impressive sum of over $1 million for the EB Research Partnership.

A Duet That Echoes: Unveiling the Musical Tapestry

As Vedder and Malone strummed their acoustic guitars, the audience was transported into a realm where melodies became a language of compassion. The 1994 hit “Better Man” provided the canvas for a musical masterpiece, with each note echoing the sentiments of hope and unity. This performance was not a mere act of entertainment; it was a testament to the transformative power of music when wielded in the service of noble causes.

The Reportin’ for Duty benefit extended beyond the Vedder-Malone collaboration, featuring a lineup of talented artists including The War and Treaty, Jelly Roll, Ruby Amanfu, Jake Wesley Rogers, and Dan Spencer. Together, these musicians painted a sonic tapestry that celebrated life, love, and the shared responsibility to make a positive impact.

Eddie Vedder EB Research Foundation

Raising the Curtain on Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB)

At the heart of this melodic endeavor lies the EB Research Partnership (EBRP), a foundation founded by Eddie and Jill Vedder in 2010. This non-profit organization emerged from the collective resolve of parents with children grappling with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare and life-threatening genetic skin disorder. EB disrupts the skin’s structural integrity, leading to blistering, severe pain, and disfigurement. As the Vedders’ foundation tirelessly works towards funding research, the ultimate goal remains clear: a cure for EB by 2030.

A Million Reasons for Hope: EB Research Partnership’s Triumph

The staggering amount of over $1 million raised during the Reportin’ for Duty benefit stands as a beacon of hope for those navigating the challenging landscape of EB. This substantial contribution not only signifies financial support but also represents a collective commitment to rewriting the narrative of those affected by this debilitating condition. Vedder expressed his gratitude, stating, “The generosity of all who were involved is tremendously appreciated and will help us continue to fund research aimed at curing EB by 2030.”

In a world where the term “rare” often translates to overlooked, EB serves as a poignant reminder of conditions that demand our attention. EB comes in various types, each varying in severity and the location of blister formation. The more severe forms of EB can significantly impact life expectancy, ranging from early infancy to just 30 years of age.

Pearl Jam release new single Dark Matter

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Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Dates:

  • 05/04 – Vancouver, BC @ Rogers Arena * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/06 – Vancouver, BC @ Rogers Arena * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/10 – Portland, OR @ Moda Center * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/13 – Sacramento, CA @ Golden 1 Center * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/16 – Las Vegas, NV @ MGM Grand Garden Arena * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/18 – Las Vegas, NV @ MGM Grand Garden Arena * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/21 – Los Angeles, CA @ Kia Forum * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/22 – Los Angeles, CA @ Kia Forum * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/25 – Napa Valley, CA @ BottleRock Napa
  • 05/28 – Seattle, WA @ Climate Pledge Arena * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 05/30 – Seattle, WA @ Climate Pledge Arena * (with Deep Sea Diver)
  • 06/22 – Dublin, IE @ Marlay Park $ (with Richard Ashcroft)
  • 06/25 – Manchester, UK @ Manchester Co-Op Arena # (with The Murder Capital)
  • 06/29 – London, UK @ Tottenham Hotspur Stadium $ (with Richard Ashcroft)
  • 07/02 – Berlin, DE @ Waldbühne # (with The Murder Capital)
  • 07/03 – Berlin, DE @ Waldbühne # (with The Murder Capital)
  • 07/06 – Barcelona, ES @ Palau Sant Jordi # (with The Murder Capital)
  • 07/08 – Barcelona, ES @ Palau Sant Jordi # (with The Murder Capital)
  • 07/11 – Madrid, ES @ Mad Cool Festival
  • 07/13 – Lisbon, PT @ NOS Alive Festival
  • 08/22 – Missoula, MT @ Washington-Grizzly Stadium % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 08/26 – Indianapolis, IN @ Ruoff Music Center % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 08/29 – Chicago, IL @ Wrigley Field % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 08/31 – Chicago, IL @ Wrigley Field % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 09/03 – New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 09/04 – New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 09/07 – Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 09/09 – Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 09/12 – Baltimore, MD @ CFG Bank Arena % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 09/15 – Boston, MA @ Fenway Park % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 09/17 – Boston, MA @ Fenway Park % (with Glen Hansard)
  • 11/08 – Auckland, NZ @ Go Media Stadium Mt Smart ! (with Pixies)
  • 11/13 – Gold Coast, AU @ Heritage Bank Stadium ! (with Pixies)
  • 11/16 – Melbourne, AU @ Marvel Stadium ! (with Pixies)
  • 11/21 – Sydney, AU @ Giants Stadium ! (with Pixies)

(* = w/ Deep Sea Diver, $ = w/ Richard Ashcroft, # = w/ The Murder Capital, % = w/ Glen Hansard, ! = w/ Pixies)

Pearl Jam’s Dark Matter Album and the Upcoming World Tour

Beyond the EB Research Partnership benefit, Pearl Jam enthusiasts have exciting developments to anticipate. The band recently unveiled their forthcoming album, “Dark Matter,” featuring the thrilling title track. As anticipation builds, Pearl Jam has also announced plans for an extensive tour in 2024, covering North America, the UK, and Europe. This marks a significant return for the iconic group, promising an immersive live experience for fans worldwide.

Pearl Jam’s 2024 World Tour

Stepping into the limelight with the much-anticipated “Dark Matter” album, Pearl Jam embarks their 2024 world tour, spanning nine countries and gracing 25 cities. The tour, commencing on May 4th in Vancouver, British Columbia, initiates a six-month musical expedition across North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Brace yourselves, Pearl Jam aficionados, for an electrifying journey as the band takes the stage in outdoor baseball stadiums, arenas, and prestigious festivals.

The collaborative efforts of Eddie Vedder and Post Malone, coupled with the overwhelming generosity witnessed at the Reportin’ for Duty benefit, illuminate the potential of music as a force for good. The remarkable sum of over $1 million raised for EB research is not merely a financial milestone; it is a testament to the collective compassion and determination to alleviate the suffering caused by Epidermolysis Bullosa. As the musical journey continues with Pearl Jam’s upcoming album and world tour, the industry resonates with purpose, reminding us that each note can contribute to a symphony of positive change.

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