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Discovering St. Vincent’s Bold New Sound: All Born Screaming Album Revealed with All-Star Lineup, Featuring Dave Grohl

In an electrifying return, St. Vincent, also known as Annie Clark, takes center stage with her highly anticipated album, “All Born Screaming.” This follows the critically acclaimed “Daddy’s Home” and marks a significant step as Clark ventures into self-production, presenting a sonic masterpiece that boasts a star-studded lineup including none other than Dave Grohl.

St. Vincent collaborates with Dave Grohl on new album

A Sonic Revelation: "Broken Man" Leads the Way

The excitement peaks as the artist Alex Da Corte unveils the visually striking video for the lead single, “Broken Man.” Notably, this marks Annie Clark’s debut as the producer of a St. Vincent record. Mixed by Cian Riordan, the album features a powerhouse ensemble, with contributions from musical luminaries like Dave Grohl, Cate Le Bon, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Josh Freese, Stella Mogzawa, Rachel Eckroth, Mark Guiliana, and David Ralicke. Set to release on April 26 via Virgin Music Group, “All Born Screaming” promises an unforgettable musical journey.

Clark’s Creative Odyssey: From the Woods to the Studio

In a compelling statement, Clark delves into the emotional terrain that shaped “All Born Screaming,” stating, “There are some places, emotionally, that you can only get to by taking the long walk into the woods alone—to find out what your heart is really saying. It sounds real because it is real.” The tracklist offers a glimpse into the album’s soul:

  1. Hell Is Near
  2. Reckless
  3. Broken Man
  4. Flea
  5. Big Time Nothing
  6. Violent Times
  7. The Power’s Out
  8. Sweetest Fruit
  9. So Many Planets
  10. All Born Screaming [ft. Cate Le Bon & Dave Grohl]
Dave Grohl plays on St. Vincent new album

Embark on the electrifying evolution of St. Vincent’s sound with the upcoming album, “All Born Screaming.” Featuring a star-studded lineup including icons like Dave Grohl, Cate Le Bon, and more, this musical odyssey promises a sonic revelation. Annie Clark, steering production, ventures into uncharted territory, blending ’70s and ’80s synths with raw guitars for an urgent and psychotic experience. Mojo magazine unveils the urgency of this new era, delving into the emotional depths of isolation, paranoia, and creative clarity. Anticipate a darker, harder, and bone-close record, diverging from the humor of “Daddy’s Home.” As the release date nears, get ready for a sonic adventure transcending genres and emotions.

Unveiling the Mojo Feature: The Urgency of St. Vincent’s New Era

Prepare for an urgent and psychotic sonic experience as Mojo magazine provides an inside look at the forthcoming album. Recorded at Clark’s Compound Fracture studio in LA, Electric Lady in New York, and Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio in Chicago, the album exudes an intensity that can only be born from creative solitude. Joining forces with legends like Dave Grohl and new Foo Fighters drummer Josh Freese, as well as the incomparable Cate Le Bon, Clark pushes the boundaries of her sonic vocabulary.

The Post-Plague Pop: A Journey Through Heaven and Hell

Describing the album as “post-plague pop,” Clark weaves a narrative that touches on themes of heaven and hell, both metaphorical and tangible. In an era marked by COVID lockdowns, she acknowledges the impact of isolation on her creative process, stating, “That kind of isolation breeds paranoia and loneliness, and loneliness can breed violence. It’s been a time of loss collectively and personally. [But] loss and death are very clarifying things, they make everything that doesn’t matter go away.”

Sonic Landscape: ’70s and ’80s Synths Meet Raw Guitars

The album promises a sonic revelation with the infusion of ’70s and ’80s analog synths combined with a guitar-driven edge. Clark elaborates, “It sounds urgent and psychotic, in equal parts the most caustic sound and also, I think, the most sonically blooming.” This departure from the vibe of the previous record, “Daddy’s Home,” is intentional, as Clark explains, “The last record, I was approaching tough subjects with a lot of biting humor and wit. I put on a wig, I was prancing around, it was so fun. This record is darker and harder and more close to the bone. I’d say it’s my least funny record yet! There’s nothing cute about it.”

Conclusion: Brace Yourself for the Sonic Odyssey

As the release date approaches, St. Vincent’s “All Born Screaming” promises to redefine the boundaries of sound and emotion. With a star-studded lineup, a narrative born from solitude and introspection, and a sonic landscape that transcends genres, Annie Clark invites us into a world where every note is a revelation. Brace yourself for the sonic odyssey that awaits, as St. Vincent, featuring the legendary Dave Grohl, embarks on the next chapter of her musical journey, leaving no emotion untouched and no chord unstruck.

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