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David Draiman of DISTURBED Expresses Desire to Collaborate and Cover Taylor Swift’s Songs

Lead Singer David Draiman Acknowledges Taylor Swift's Songwriting Brilliance and Potential Collaboration

David Draiman of DISTURBED praises Taylor Swift’s songwriting skills and live performances. He hopes to cover her songs and collaborate due to her immense talent. Draiman places her alongside authentic artists like Pink and Lady Gaga. His admiration for Swift’s artistry and impact is evident.

David Draiman of Disturbed want to work with Taylor Swift

In a recent interview with Sara Parker from Philadelphia’s WMMR radio station, David Draiman, the lead singer of DISTURBED, expressed his eagerness to cover a Taylor Swift song. Draiman praised Swift’s exceptional songwriting skills, describing her as one of the most influential songwriters of their generation. He shared his admiration for her incredible talent and even revealed his willingness to collaborate with her if the opportunity arose.

Draiman continued by emphasizing his profound respect for Taylor Swift, noting her brilliance and authenticity. He commended her fearlessness in performing live on stage in front of massive crowds of enthusiastic young fans, while playing actual instruments and delivering live vocals. He placed Swift in the esteemed company of other pop icons who also prioritize genuine performances, like Pink and Lady Gaga.

The DISTURBED frontman concluded by underscoring his deep admiration for Taylor Swift’s artistry and the immense respect he holds for her dedication to her craft. This sentiment echoes his previous statements and reinforces the high regard he has for Swift’s musical prowess and the impact she has made in the industry.

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