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Corey Taylor’s Candid Revelation: Unraveling the Depths of Mental Health Struggles and Tour Cancellation

In a candid and heartfelt social media update, Corey Taylor, the renowned musician and frontman of Slipknot, recently opened up about the profound mental health challenges that compelled him to make the difficult decision of canceling the majority of his 2024 solo tour. This revelation comes as a poignant reminder that even those in the spotlight, with seemingly glamorous lives, grapple with their own internal battles.

Corey Taylor Slipknot Lead Singer

The Unveiling Announcement

It was just earlier this month when Taylor made the announcement that sent shockwaves through his fanbase – the cancellation of almost all his solo tour dates for 2024. Citing concerns related to his “mental and physical health,” the announcement included the cancellation of a month-long North American trek scheduled to kick off in February. However, in a twist, Taylor later reassured fans of his plans to proceed with a short tour of Asia, set to commence in late March.

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A Glimpse into the Struggle

In a vulnerable and sincere Instagram reel, transcribed by Blabbermouth, Taylor shared insights into the mental breakdown that brought him to the brink of relapse. Notably, Taylor, who has maintained sobriety in recent years, confessed to a tumultuous period where he faced challenges with boundaries, mental health, ego, entitlement, and more. “I, over the last year, have had a complete and utter breakdown of boundaries, mental health, ego, entitlement, the whole nine yards, culminating in a very, very real, very near relapse that I kind of don’t recognize myself,” he disclosed.

The Decision-Making Process

Acknowledging the confusion among fans regarding the selective cancellation of North American dates while keeping the Asian shows, Taylor offered clarity on his decision. “The truth of the matter is I understand why so many of you are upset, and I’m just gonna break it down for you,” he said. “I needed time to reset, I needed time to start working on my heart and my mind and get straight. The reason I’m keeping the Southeast Asia run, it’s literally four shows, it’s literally a week. I’m gonna see how I do with that and just take it day by day, basically.”

The Journey to Self-Care

Elaborating further, Taylor emphasized his commitment to self-care, acknowledging the necessity of seeking help and surrounding himself with family. This introspective approach reflects a proactive stance towards addressing the root causes of his struggles and embarking on a journey towards healing. In a society that often glamorizes relentless schedules and constant productivity, Taylor’s openness about the need for a reset serves as a powerful testament to the importance of mental health.

A Life in Overdrive

Taylor had been navigating a demanding itinerary leading up to the cancellations. Juggling solo projects, including the creation of a new album and extensive tours of North America and Europe in the preceding year, alongside his ongoing commitments with Slipknot, undoubtedly took a toll on his well-being.


As we reflect on Corey Taylor’s courageous revelation, it’s a reminder that mental health is a universal concern, transcending fame and success. The decision to cancel a tour, often seen as a symbol of vulnerability in the entertainment industry, is, in reality, an act of resilience and self-preservation. Corey Taylor’s journey to prioritize his mental health encourages a broader conversation about the challenges individuals face, irrespective of their public image. Let us collectively support and destigmatize discussions around mental health, ensuring that no one feels alone in their struggles.

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