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Chad Gray Discusses New Mudvayne Music: ‘Clearly Something Exceptional’

Chad Gray, Mudvayne’s frontman, gives insights into their upcoming music, hinting at its exceptional quality. The band, known for its innovative approach, is making a long-anticipated return to the music scene after nearly 15 years, exciting both loyal fans and a new generation of metal enthusiasts.

Chad Gray Talks About New Mudvayne Music

In a recent interview with Kris Peters of Australia’s Heavy, MUDVAYNE frontman Chad Gray discussed the exciting progress being made in the songwriting sessions for their highly anticipated next studio release. MUDVAYNE fans have been eagerly waiting for new material since 2009, and Chad’s words bring hope to the long-standing fans of the band.

The Creative Process Unveiled

“We’ve started putting some new stuff together a little bit, and people who have heard the early demo are really excited about it,” Chad stated enthusiastically. He emphasized that only a select few, close to the band, have had the privilege of listening to the rough demos. Despite being early versions of the songs, Chad stressed that they carry a unique, special quality.

“We have to make sure it’s MUDVAYNE,” he added, underscoring the band’s commitment to maintaining their signature sound. The band’s geographical separation has presented challenges, as they all live in different states, making the collaboration process slower. Chad elaborated, saying, “But we were able to get some stuff demoed up or whatever, but with us being so far apart, it’s a little slow going.”

Touring Takes Center Stage

The band decided to temporarily pause their songwriting efforts to focus on touring. Chad shared, “We just put everything on hold and we wanted to focus on touring.” MUDVAYNE embarked on their first headlining tour in over 14 years, “The Psychotherapy Sessions,” in July, marking a significant milestone for the band. This extensive 26-city tour featured support from COAL CHAMBER, along with GWAR, NONPOINT, and BUTCHER BABIES.

A Bright Future

Despite the pause in the creative process, Chad Gray remains optimistic about the future of MUDVAYNE. As the fall tour comes to a close, he expressed hope that the band would be able to regroup and continue working on new material. He even hinted at the possibility of having new music ready for their upcoming Australian tour in February 2024.

A Tribute to Their Fans

MUDVAYNE’s decision to reunite and embark on tours was largely fueled by their dedicated fan base. Chad Gray’s main motivation for getting the band back together was the unwavering support of their fans. He highlighted the excitement of introducing their music to a new generation of fans who had discovered the band during their hiatus.

A Glance at MUDVAYNE’s Legacy

MUDVAYNE, formed in 1996, has left an indelible mark on the world of metal music. Their innovative sound, combined with unique album art, face and body paint, masks, and uniforms, has made them a beloved icon in the metal scene. The band consists of Chad Gray, Greg Tribbett (guitar, backing vocals), Matthew McDonough (drums, synthesizer), and Ryan Martinie (bass).

Chad Gray had a successful stint as the frontman for HELLYEAH, which released their sixth studio album, “Welcome Home,” in September 2019 via Eleven Seven Music. Notably, it was the final album with drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott, who tragically passed away over five years ago.

MUDVAYNE’s fifth album did not receive a tour due to minimal promotion and lackluster sales upon release. However, the band’s comeback in recent years has reignited their passion and creativity, exciting fans worldwide.

As MUDVAYNE continues their musical journey, fans eagerly await the release of new music, knowing that it will carry the unmistakable MUDVAYNE signature.

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