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Cardi B Unleashes Fiery “Like What (Freestyle)”

Cardi B makes a grand return in 2024 with “Like What (Freestyle),” a fiery new single sampling Missy Elliott’s classic. Directed by Offset, the music video amplifies Cardi’s bold style in a futuristic mansion. With clever wordplay and subtle references, Cardi B asserts her dominance, leaving fans eager for what lies ahead. A seamless blend of past and present, the freestyle cements Cardi B’s status as a rap trailblazer.

Cardi B releases new single Like What Freestyle

Cardi B, the indisputable queen of rap, kicks off 2024 with a triumphant return to the music scene, dropping her highly anticipated single, “Like What (Freestyle).” This latest release not only showcases Cardi’s lyrical prowess but also pays homage to the legendary Missy Elliott, as it cleverly samples her 1999 hit, “She’s a Bitch.” The accompanying music video, directed by none other than Cardi’s ex-husband, Offset, adds a visually stunning layer to the freestyle, creating a multi-sensory experience for fans.

Unveiling “Like What (Freestyle)” – A Masterful Fusion of Past and Present

Cardi B’s decision to sample Missy Elliott’s classic track is a strategic move that seamlessly bridges the gap between the golden era of late-’90s hip-hop and today’s rap landscape. The freestyle opens with Cardi’s signature confidence, as she boldly declares, “Classy and a cunt/Blocks and money gettin’ spunt/Like, like what?” The choice of Elliott’s “She’s a Bitch” as the foundation adds depth and nostalgia, creating a sonic tapestry that resonates with fans across generations.

The music video, a visual feast directed by Offset, unfolds in a futuristic mansion, providing a backdrop that accentuates the track’s contemporary vibe. Cardi’s various outfits and scenes within the video reflect her unapologetic style and larger-than-life persona. It’s a celebration of self-expression, artistic evolution, and a nod to the rap legends who paved the way.

The Message Within the Rhymes – Cardi B’s Bold Statements

Cardi B has never shied away from making bold statements in her music, and “Like What (Freestyle)” is no exception. The freestyle’s verses are a cascade of clever wordplay, sharp jabs, and confident declarations. In the opening verse, Cardi asserts, “Like a Coach bag, baby, this ain’t what you want/If I ask for it, all I wanna hear is, ‘Yes’.” The lyrical finesse on display reaffirms Cardi’s status as a wordsmith, unafraid to assert her dominance in the rap game.

Notably, the freestyle includes subtle references that seem to address longstanding rumors and rivalries within the hip-hop community. Lines like “Everything you got, I had five years before” are perceived by many as a direct jab at Cardi’s long-running rival, Nicki Minaj. This strategic interplay between verses and real-world narratives adds layers to the freestyle, making it not just a song but a commentary on Cardi B’s journey and experiences in the industry.

The Collaborative Dynamic – Cardi B and Offset

One cannot overlook the collaborative dynamic at play with Offset taking the reins as the director of the music video. Despite their publicized ups and downs, the artistic synergy between Cardi B and Offset is evident in this project. Offset’s direction brings a unique visual identity to the video, complementing Cardi’s bold aesthetic. His involvement serves as a testament to the multifaceted nature of their relationship, transcending personal challenges to create compelling art.

Offset, acknowledging the brilliance of Cardi’s new release, expressed his admiration on Instagram, writing, “You the fucking baddest. Stop playin wit them.” This public display of support not only signifies Offset’s appreciation for Cardi’s talent but also hints at a harmonious phase in their relationship. The intertwined personal and professional dynamics between the two artists add a layer of intrigue to the overall narrative surrounding “Like What (Freestyle).”

Cryptic message in new Cardi B song Like What Freestyle

What Lies Beyond – The Cryptic Message and Fan Speculation

As the “Like What (Freestyle)” video concludes with the cryptic message, “This is just the beginning… stay tuned,” speculation runs rife within the fan community. Could this be a teaser for a full-length album, following Cardi’s critically acclaimed debut, “Invasion of Privacy,” released in 2018? Cardi B’s deliberate choice to keep fans on their toes underscores her mastery of the art of anticipation. It invites fans into a realm of endless possibilities, fostering excitement for what the future holds in her musical journey.

Cardi B – A Trailblazer Making Waves

Cardi B’s impact on the rap scene extends beyond her chart-topping hits. With each release, she reaffirms her position as a trailblazer, seamlessly blending influences from the past with her unique style. “Like What (Freestyle)” is not just a standalone track; it’s a testament to Cardi B’s ability to push boundaries, surprise fans, and leave an indelible mark on the world of hip-hop.

In a musical landscape that is in a constant state of evolution, Cardi B remains at the forefront, surprising and delighting fans with her multifaceted talent. “Like What (Freestyle)” stands as a sonic manifesto, showcasing Cardi B’s versatility and dedication to pushing the boundaries of her craft. As Cardi B continues her musical journey, one thing is certain – she’s not just an artist; she’s a force shaping the future of rap.

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