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Adam Jones and Gibson Rock the Scene with the Flying V Collector’s Edition

Unleash the sonic power of Tool with Adam Jones and Gibson’s collaboration – the limited edition Flying V Collector’s Edition guitar. With only 50 available, this masterpiece, retailing at $19,999, boasts exclusive features. Dive into the rock legacy, securing yours through Gibson’s official website. It’s a rare chance to own a musical treasure crafted by Jones and Gibson.

Adam Jones and Gibson team up to unleash the sound of Tool for a limited edition Flying V guitar

Adam Jones, Tool’s Guitarist, Collaborates with Gibson for a Limited Masterpiece

In a harmonious collaboration, Tool’s legendary guitarist, Adam Jones, and Gibson have introduced the sensational Flying V Collector’s Edition guitar, a pinnacle in their ongoing partnership.

Unveiling the Sonic Marvel

Crafted to match Jones’ preference for substantial guitars, this masterpiece boasts a non-weight relieved mahogany body, string-through ferrules, a Futura-style split headstock design, and a truss rod cover featuring exclusive artwork. The meticulous Reverse Antique Silverburst finish adds a touch of sophistication.

Exclusive Limited Edition

Limited to a mere 50 units, this collector’s edition guitar underwent aging by the skilled hands of the Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab. Hand-crafted in the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville, each guitar comes meticulously housed in a hardshell case, making it a true collector’s item. This limited edition guitar retails for $19,999.

Custom Complements: Strap and Brooch Combo

In addition to the guitar, Jones and Gibson present a custom leather guitar strap and brooch combo. Designed by Adam himself, the strap is made from black 9/10 oz. latigo leather – the very material Jones uses onstage with Tool. The adjustable belt buckle-style hardware, adorned with a two-headed dog hand-cast and plated brooch by artist Alex Kuno, adds a unique touch.

The Price of Sonic Mastery

Given the limited edition and hand-crafted nature of this guitar, it comes with a price tag that mirrors its exclusivity – $19,999. Exclusive purchases can be made through Gibson’s official website and authorized retailers. The strap and brooch combo, an ideal accessory for this musical masterpiece, is available for $149 via Gibson’s website.

Discounted Tool Tickets

While fans grab their piece of musical history, Adam Jones is gearing up for Tool’s extensive 2024 touring itinerary. Tickets for these not-to-be-missed events are available on Tickets Countdown. Guarantee your spot in the audience with a secure checkout process and a 100% money-back guarantee. Use the code “Rockon” at checkout for an exclusive 10% discount.

Embrace the sonic journey with Adam Jones and Gibson – where limited edition meets artistic excellence, and music enthusiasts are offered a chance to own a piece of rock history.

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